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There's *always* work to be done. Employing additional cleaners / landscapers to keep facilities looking tidy is one that immediately comes to mind, and one that cannot be easily automated. "Peace officers" (unarmed cops) in neighborhoods to help keep crime down and give people directions. Additional secretaries in offices. Additional window people at post offices and the DMV to help speed lines. I would very much like unemployment insurance to be replaced with (intended to be temporary) low-skill government jobs.

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by PrimaryConsult (#48199341) Attached to: Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

Clearly you have never driven in a real city. If you leave enough space for someone to slam on the brakes suddenly, another car will move into the space you are leaving, and you'll have to slow down to drop back further, prompting people to pass you and take that newly vacated space. Eventually, you'll be getting a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic.

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by PrimaryConsult (#48185541) Attached to: Torvalds: I Made Community-Building Mistakes With Linux

Pretty much this. Though, I wouldn't say avenged so much as, the sheriff would do something about a well liked individual being murdered, and people would be cooperative in the investigation. But the guy who regularly takes a piss in the horse trough, spanks women as they walk by, and randomly shoots his gun spooking the horses in front of the saloon? Must've been hit by a stray bullet.

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For a more modern example look at abortion laws. In my great state the politicians are too afraid to go one way or the other so they come up with bullshit like waiting times. In order for a woman to get an abortion she has to wait three days. No reason. She just has to. This is because someone couldn't get an anti abortion law passed so they settled for attempting to shame the woman into keeping the child with arbitrary regulations and rules.

Not to jump into the hornet's nest, but a three day wait is actually pretty reasonable. Some people might be pressured (by parents or the guy) and need a few days to realize they also have the right to choose life, and that there are groups out there that will help alleviate that pressure. There is also a not small number of women who feel they rushed into the decision and regretted it (either for moral reasons or for medical ones resulting from unexpected complications). If the woman is the type to be shamed out of it in three days, imagine if the shame came after it was too late to undo?

They have five day waits for firearms, a three day wait for something more controversial than the 2nd amendment shouldn't be too much to ask...

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The only options would be Canada and Mexico followed by a land crossing, and I think we could get Canada to agree to a similar quarantine. At a US airport it doesn't matter how many countries you pass through beforehand, unless you've (illegally) ripped out the page from your passport that has the stamp for the country in question, or gotten some other country's immigration officer to cover it with a sticker, the evidence would easily spotted.

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Probably more an ancient Unix backend. My college for the longest time truncated the Unix passwords to the first 8 characters (both when setting and authenticating). We used to type in the first 8 letters carefully then type an additional 10 characters randomly to confuse shoulder surfers... this was still the case as late as 2008.

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The problem is, using cash is "leaving money on the table" if you have credit cards with any sort of rewards program. Unless there is a cash discount, when you pay cash you are in essence subsidizing the credit card users.

That said, I will try to use cash at small busnesses / independent stores to help show support...

+ - Boeing Told to Replace Cockpit Screens Affected by Wi-Fi

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered Boeing to replace Honeywell-built cockpit screens that could be affected by wi-fi transmissions. Additionally, the FAA has expressed concerns that other frequencies, such as used by air surveillance and weather radar, could disrupt the displays. The systems involved report airspeed, altitude, heading and pitch and roll to the crew, and the agency stated that a failure could cause a crash.

Meanwhile, the order is said to affect over 1,300 aircraft, and some airlines are baulking, since the problem has never been seen in operation, that the order presents "a high, and unnecessary, financial burden on operators"."

+ - U.S. Law Enforcement Seeks to Halt Apple-Google Encryption of Mobile Data->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "U.S. law enforcement officials are urging Apple and Google to give authorities access to smartphone data that the companies have decided to block, and are weighing whether to appeal to executives or seek congressional legislation.

The new privacy features, announced two weeks ago by the California-based companies, will stymie investigations into crimes ranging from drug dealing to terrorism, law enforcement officials said.

“This is a very bad idea,” said, chief of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, in an interview. Smartphone communication is “going to be the preferred method of the pedophile and the criminal. We are going to lose a lot of investigative opportunities.”"

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