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Comment: Bias much? (Score 1) 350

by Prien715 (#48380951) Attached to: Debunking a Viral Internet Post About Breastfeeding Racism

Despite not being able to find anything of "significance" (there is actually a 7% difference in his own data!), Bennett starts not with the neutral headline "Do Black Women Experience Discrimination Breastfeeding", but with "Debunking" -- which assumes is patently false. This assumption is probably because of the amount of experience he has breastfeeding. Or being black.

I'm a white male as well, but sheesh, white priviledge much sir?

Comment: Re:Real cross-platform is HARD (Score 1) 524

by Prien715 (#48373729) Attached to: Microsoft To Open Source<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET and Take It Cross-Platform

The framework must provide for platform-independent ways to do things so that it is easier/shorter to do it the right way than using a naive but non-portable approach.

You're totally right. Otherwise, it flies in the face of the virtue of laziness. If the easiest way to do something is cross-platform, you'll write all your code to be cross-platform whether the project requires it or not. Requirements, after all, always change;)

Comment: I'm optimistic... (Score 5, Interesting) 267

by Prien715 (#48329235) Attached to: 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Gets a Name

After the terrible new trilogy, I'm cautiously excited by the new movie written by Lawrence Kasdan, who had zero involvement with the episodes 1-4, but did write such films as The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

They'll be plenty of eye candy (to be sure -- so did the originals!), but maybe having a good writer (who made almost all the Star Wars films you love -- and none of the ones you hate) means you'll have a good story?

Comment: Re:Hiring managers perspective (Score 4, Funny) 574

by Prien715 (#48307601) Attached to: The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said

I have an ASCII diagram here describing a technical interview.


  O -- You
  | |

At what speed does it have to travel in order to make a pleasant "wooshing" sound (2 m/s total velocity) assuming it must also travel at least 2 meters high vertically? (Assume gravity is 10 m/s 2 and air resistance is negligible for purposes of this exercise).

Comment: Re:Terrible (Score 3, Interesting) 430

by Prien715 (#48305553) Attached to: Russia Takes Down Steve Jobs Memorial After Apple's Tim Cook Comes Out

allowing gay marriage will mean fewer "traditional" marriages.

To play devil's advocate, if bisexuality exists, then yes, it very well may.

Not that it's a reason against it. To me, a traditional marriage is where the partners stay together until death parts them -- gay/straight/otherwise.

Comment: Re:Was pretty obvious (Score 1) 284

by Prien715 (#48263563) Attached to: Skilled Foreign Workers Treated as Indentured Servants

What corporation owns Senator Bernie Sanders (I VT)?

I guess those nasty "unions" who hold "elections" to "represent" their largely blue-collar workforce to ask for things like "fair pay" and "increases in the minimum wage"? Oh yeah, those little guys. ...but let's pretend all politicians are equal -- because cynacism is easy. That will surely change the system.

Comment: Re:Same old American Xenophobia (Score 1) 323

by Prien715 (#48143757) Attached to: How English Beat German As the Language of Science

Isn't it odd that no matter how much progress America makes, the Left is always ready with a cutting criticism? How welcoming is Egypt to new people? Nigeria? China? Thailand?

Yeah, it's stunning that some of us aim higher than Egypt, China, or Thailand as the aim for our moral compass. It's like aiming for bug-free code: we may never get there, but even incremental progress is still progress.

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