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Presto Vivace's Journal: Zango vs Kaspersky Lab

Tech Groups Back Kaspersky in Fight Against Zango

In May 2007, Bellvue, Wash.-based Zango -- a company that makes software to serve pop-up ads and tracks users' activities on behalf of online marketers -- sued Kaspersky, charging that the company interfered with its business by removing its "adware" without first alerting the user.

The judge who was assigned the case has thrown it out and Zango has appealed to the 9th Circuit. As users actively install Kaspersky's software for the precise purpose of removing cookies, I don't see how you can make a credible case that consumers have not consented. Someone needs to tell Zango and other adware makers that they are not entitled to a place on other people's computers.

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Zango vs Kaspersky Lab

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