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Submission + - New Mechwarrior game announcement forthcoming->

PrescriptionWarning writes: The Twitter account "InnerSpherNews" has been lighting up recently with requests for followers and releases of bits of information that appears to be leading up to an official announcement of the next Mechwarrior video game for PC and consoles, currently in development by Piranha Games.

For those that missed it back in 2009, the Mechwarrior Debut Trailer and an article on IGN covering it.

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Submission + - New IBM Linux Cluster Configurator->

PrescriptionWarning writes: ASIT (Advanced Solutions Integration Tool), IBM's new cluster sales configuration utility has just been released. It is a lightweight Java based tool weighing in under 10 MB that can create Linux, iDataplex, or Microsoft clusters of almost any size utilizing IBM server hardware and a variety of switches from partner companies such as Cisco, SMC, Voltaire, and Myricom. Capabilities include automatic networking scalability, real-time network cabling, and user oriented design to allow sweeping changes to an entire cluster with only a few clicks.
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Submission + - The Future of MMOs->

PrescriptionWarning writes: GDC 2008: The Future of MMOs, Several top designers gather to discuss the future of the genre:

"We've definitely enjoyed some of the panels at this year's show, particularly the ones on Blizzard's multiplayer philosophies and the plans for Spore's user generated content. Another that was really high on our list was a discussion of the future of the MMO by a number of the genre's successful designers. On hand were Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios, Mark Miller of NCSoft, Min Kim of Nexon and Rob Pardo of Blizzard Entertainment. MMO newbie Ray Muzyka was also on hand to share his thoughts as BioWare moves into the MMO arena. The entire panel was moderated by MMORPG.com's Jon Wood."

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Submission + - Windows Media Center restricts cable TV viewings

PrescriptionWarning writes: With the latest Media Center Edition update from Microsoft, many other users and myself are finding that content available on Television are now completely unwatchable from Media Center, with a message that simply states "Restricted Content: Restrictions set by the broadcaster and/or originator of the content prohibit playback of the program on this computer."

A simple search on the subject reveals that HBO programming and, in my case Braveheart on AMC, are among the many selections now restricted for playback or recording by Windows Media Center Edition. What's next, restricting every piece of programming on television? One thing is for sure, there won't be much left to watch.

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