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Comment Off topic on stem cell veto (Score 1) 6

Our dialectic discussion was archived, but I want to continue with it.

I thought that car accidents were quite common, and head injuries causing brain death while on life support were one of the most if not the most frequent source of donor organs. Do you know what happens to organs after autonomic nervous system death? They fill up with a bunch of really bad stuff that isn't usually in the blood stream. All kinds of sphincters in glands and ducts go haywire. Ask your doctor about the difference in organ transplant success before and after autonomic nervous system death.

As for the tangental relation, I disagree. Both organ harvesting and fertility assistance destroys human lives without working brains. On the other hand, "collateral damage" or "casualties" (doesn't that sound laid-back?) or whatever other euphimism we have these days to describe dead bystanders in our celebrated recent forays into nation building destroy human lives with memories of other people, unique knowledge, often family who depend on them, and other things which God probably would prefer to keep around.

Unless, of course, "God" is merely a convienient fiction used to rationalize contradictions, whip the less charismatic in to line, take part in some fables for the kids, and justify knee-jerk political reactions.

Those who claim the dead never return to life haven't ever been around here at quitting time.