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Comment: Nothing todo with Green Energy, but cheap Coal (Score 2) 473

I really would have it contributed to Green energy but as far as i got it, it is not due to the fact that they have a surplus of green energy, but that the Coal price is way lower than Gas.
As a result Gas plants are turned off and Coal plants are used to the max.
It just happens that the Netherlands has a lot of Gas plants and Germany Coal plants, hence the exports

Comment: Re:Some points (Score 2) 1223

by Portal1 (#41472273) Attached to: Torvalds Uses Profanity To Lambaste Romney Remarks

No they just murdered some colonists caravans in the early days, that planned to live in the same region they picked, after been kicked out of some two cities for being to radical.
Some history, they rather like to forget.
I know it has been a long time ago, and likely is not going to happen anytime soon/again.


Examining Indie Game Pricing 188

Posted by Soulskill
from the in-for-a-penny-in-for-a-fivespot dept.
As the second Humble Indie Bundle flourishes, having taken in over $1.5 million in pay-what-you-want sales, the Opposable Thumbs blog has taken a look at indie game pricing in general, trying to determine how low price points and frequent sales affect their popularity in an ocean of $60 blockbusters. Quoting: "... in the short term these sales are a good thing. They bring in more sales, more revenue, and expand the reach of games that frequently have very little marketing support behind them, if any. For those games, getting on the front page of Steam is a huge boost, putting it in front of a huge audience of gamers. But what are the long-term effects? If most players are buying these games at a severely reduced price, how does that influence the perception of indie games at large? It's not an easy question to answer, especially considering how relatively new these sales are, making it difficult to judge their long-term effects. But it's clear they're somewhat of a double-edged sword. Exposure is good, but price erosion isn't. 'When it comes to perception, a deep discount gets people playing the game that [they] wouldn't play otherwise, and I think that has both positive and negative effects,' [2D Boy co-founder Ron Carmel] told Ars. 'The negative is that if I'm willing to pay $5 but not $20, I probably don't want to play that game very much, so maybe I'm not as excited about it after I play it and maybe I drive down the average appreciation of the game.'"

Comment: Why not make a GreaseMonkey plugin (Score 1) 608

by Portal1 (#34577442) Attached to: Should Wikipedia Just Accept Ads Already?

For all those that want wikipedia to serve adds instead of begging

Why not make a GreaseMonkey plugin that replaces the beg add for a real add for the page.
and donate the add money directly to wikipedia

Beg add gone and money coming in, all problems fixed.

and adds will only be shown to people who want them, no add block needed.

No time to make it myself, but it should be easy to make.

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