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Comment: Do they even have a Messenger strategy? (Score 2) 53

Every time I use the Facebook iPhone app to message, it prompts me to use the iOS Messenger app, and then takes me there. Every. Single. Time. Messenger via a desktop browser now relegates you to this tiny little box in the lower right corner of my 27" screen that i can barely see. I have to hit options, see full conversation to get a reasonable messaging view. I would have assumed with the WhatsApp purchase messaging strategy would be a priority...but my experiences combined with the above article makes me seriously wonder what it is...

Comment: not the whole story (Score 1) 432

by PortWineBoy (#44654439) Attached to: Canadian Hotel Sues Guest For $95K Over Bad Review, Bed Bugs
Evidently this man videotaped his encounter with the hotel staff and then tried to extort the hotel for $500 for the copy of the video. He then stood outside the hotel driving customers away. While he may have been within his rights to do these things (is this type of extortion legal in Quebec?) I do find it odd that these facts aren't being reported anywhere.

Comment: I saw this... (Score 5, Funny) 204

by PortWineBoy (#30201956) Attached to: William Gibson's Neuromancer Staged With Porn Star
I was at the reading yesterday as part of my sojourns around Performa 09. No one else recognized her (that I could tell) in the audience, but it was a durational piece and I was only there a half hour. I was almost positive it was her, but she had these huge sunglasses on and I couldn't be sure...and it didn't seem like a good question to just ask a random chick at a performance piece while I was there with my gf...

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