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It's a misnomer that CFLs last longer than incandescents. Their potential lifespan is far greater, however, that is only in continuous use. CFLs lives are greatly shortened by intermittent use, incandescents do this much better.

So if you have a closet, bathroom, etc, that you turn on a couple of times a day for a minute or so, the CFL may burn out much earlier than an incandescent. However, if you have a light that you leave on for long periods of time. CFLs have a very long life. For example, I keep a 60 watt CFL on in my basement continously. That bulb is probably 3-4 years old now. But it is NEVER turned on/off.

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Recommendation, see if you can find a socket splitter. Since the Feit 40 watt bulbs are 500 lumens @ 8 watts. If you can find a socket splitter you can put "two" 40 watt Feit and hit 1,000 lumens and be at a meager 16 watts.

Or if your fixture will fit it, these are a 100 watt replacement at 1,000 lumens, for a whopping 17 watts.

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I paid $9.99 for 3 bulbs. That's $3.33. And the brand to get is Feit. I've tried a couple others, and the quality was crap. I haven't tried any other brands for quality, because all the others are priced 2x-3x what Costco's Feit bulbs run.

They are 40 watts, but in brightness are much more comparable to a 60 watt bulb.

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Agreed, CFLs were about 70% the brightness. Many of the LEDS are outputting the same lumens as incandescents. That was a big marketing scam where the CFLs were allowed to use the low end of incandescent ratings for watts to help push them.

It looked great reading only 7.5 watts for a 40 watt bulb. But 12 watts for a 40 watt bulb while still good, wasn't quite as impressive.

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I remember the first time I saw the scene of an Earth Alliance "Starfury" fighter being pursued by an enemy. Rather than pull the typical "immelman" in atmosphere free space. It simply fired thrusters to rotate 180 degrees, and shot the enemy behind it as it continued to drift at speed.

Because unlike most science fiction shows, B5 was aware of physics - that an object at rest remains at rest, but an object in motion remains in motion.


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I've tried 3 brands.

1. One cheap generic (long center square stack with LEDs), this model failed quickly and had poor light.
2. Discount sale LED bulb at Home Depot, with a soft rubber like coating on the exterior. Poor non-uniform light, returned.
3. 3 pack of LED bulbs from Costco. 60 watt replacement. These bulbs have about 50% more lumens than the CFLs. I've had one failure out of about 20+ bulbs. The light is in fact brighter and more uniform than even my incandescent bulbs. At $9.99 for 3 when on sale at Costco. I've decided that ALL my bulbs will be replaced by these LEDs.

(Oh and the one failed bulb was replaced by the the manufacturer.)

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Everyone is not getting it....

It is not global warming, CO2, solar output, it is planar sinking!!!

You see, the earth orbits the sun on an eliptical path. (Yes, everyone is exclaiming we know that.) Okay, but there is also an elevation to that. And clearly, the earth's elevation has sunk, and this results in the northern hemisphere receiving a greater share of the sun's output and the southern hemisphere less. All of our favorite snowflakes have decided it is just getting to warm in the Arctic and have begun a global migration south toward the Anarctic.

Downward Frost Migration

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