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by PortHaven (#47911601) Attached to: Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levels

Everyone is not getting it....

It is not global warming, CO2, solar output, it is planar sinking!!!

You see, the earth orbits the sun on an eliptical path. (Yes, everyone is exclaiming we know that.) Okay, but there is also an elevation to that. And clearly, the earth's elevation has sunk, and this results in the northern hemisphere receiving a greater share of the sun's output and the southern hemisphere less. All of our favorite snowflakes have decided it is just getting to warm in the Arctic and have begun a global migration south toward the Anarctic.

Downward Frost Migration

Comment: REALLY??? (Score 1) 427

by PortHaven (#47863007) Attached to: UN Study Shows Record-High Increases For Atmospheric CO2 In 2013

Well, this was the coldest summer in my memory. I don't think I've ever experienced 50 degree weather in July/August (and I used to live further north).

Oh, this is just localized. Except, wow...I've got friends over in Europe experiencing the same. Okay, perhaps it is just the northern hemisphere of Earth. I haven't checked with my Aussie and S. American friends as to whether this year was warmer or colder for them.

But if this is in fact the highest CO2, and one of the warmest global temperature years. Something is very lacking on the observable real anectdotal evidence. And yes, folks dismiss anecdotal evidence. But if anecdotal evidence is in fact in conflict with your theory. You should pause and reconsider. If you say, penguins can't fly, and suddenly see a penguin's time to pause and re-analyze and assess whether you've discovered a new type of penguin or whether your premise is not globally valid. Perhaps one must revise to "most penguins" don't fly.

Now granted, we have not discovered any flying penguins. But we've found a lot of equivalent questionables in regards to Global Warming claims. Enough that I think there needs to be some honest re-evaluation.

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by PortHaven (#47862905) Attached to: UN Study Shows Record-High Increases For Atmospheric CO2 In 2013

Odd because, well, most folks (and I mean across the globe) that I know have been lauding some rather cold weather. We've seen hundred and even thousand year old records broken.

Maybe we don't necessarily agree that the temperature recordings are accurate, or rather they're accurate, but that modern satellite records (which are fairly recent and new) have not been properly synced with historical temperature records. A simple fact of which puts all models into question.

The fact that models have largely and universally failed at prediction would cause any respector of science to contemplate whether they have made an incorrect assumption - unless you've got ego or money in the boat.

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by PortHaven (#47862843) Attached to: UN Study Shows Record-High Increases For Atmospheric CO2 In 2013

Okay, so we cut back CO2 production, snazzy, snazzy. And yet now we're having the highest ever.


Could it be that we're having one of the highest levels of volcanic and tectonic activity? I mean how many volcanoes are ablowing? Yellowstone aglowing? Who's aknowing? Perhaps we'll reduce CO2 only to go BOOM!


Comment: Seems the Solution is Simple (Score 1) 354

by PortHaven (#47851875) Attached to: DMCA Claim Over GPL Non-Compliance Shuts Off Minecraft Plug-Ins

Though will take a bit of time...

Mojang, implements an API service into the Minecraft Server.
Mojang, has developers modify the Bukkit code to no longer access the decompiled-reverse engineered server code, but rather the server's public API calls.

Now, Bukkit has been decoupled from the server. And is no longer in violation of GPL, and all of the contributions are not GPL valid. Problem solved.

Granted this takes, time, coders, and $$$.

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by PortHaven (#47817959) Attached to: Why Phone Stores Should Stockpile Replacements

1) Phone warranties must be equivalent to celluar contract. In other words, 2 year phone contract. Phone must have a 2 year warranty. 80% of the problems just got solved.

2) Accidental Damage policies, if phone is insured against accidental damage, then device is replaced OR xxx amount is applied toward a replacement or refurb model.

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by PortHaven (#47817891) Attached to: Amazon's Plan To Storm the Cable Industry's Castle

The Google Amazon Netflix Network - seriously, this is what they should do. They should basically, form a pact, get a few other big companies like Facebook. Then start popping out internet access points locally. Dump those billions into cabling and internet towers. By-pass Comcast/Verizon completely. And watch Comcast's worst nightmare.

Googe+Amazon+Netflix+Facebook = majority draw

Google and Amazon already have a lot of fiber. How much such a coalition earn from $20/home broadband?

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