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Comment: Bah! (Score 1) 166

by Porchroof (#44855261) Attached to: Why iTunes Radio Could Take Down Pandora

I quit listening to Pandora a couple of years ago. I got damned tired of the audio/video commercials.

You can't escape commercials. The TV Channel is now showing 20-minute programs in a 36-minute time slot. And what fills those extra 16 minutes? COMMERCIALS, of course.

I listen to most of my music on YouTube, but I'm about ready to give YouTube the finger also. Why? COMMERCIALS, of course.

Comment: Rig an election? (Score 1) 93

by Porchroof (#44529891) Attached to: Is New York City Ready For Digital Voting?

Politicians would like nothing better than to rig elections in their favor. And the easiest way to do that is to have the elections conducted over the Internet.

We're already in the process of losing our democracy to socialists and communists in the federal government. We don't need to accelerate the process by going digital.

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