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Comment: Re:Relaxing = Live longer? (Score 1) 134

by PopeRatzo (#49160447) Attached to: Research Suggests That Saunas Help You Live Longer

it's quite the contrary, we (finns) throw water to stove, which boils immediately forming steam (löyly) which fills the 'sauna room' (löylyhuoneen).

Considering the drinking habits of the Finns I've known, I'm not sure I want to be copying their health regime.

I've known some big drinkers, but Finns are in a class by themselves.

Comment: Re:Relaxing = Live longer? (Score 2) 134

by PopeRatzo (#49158997) Attached to: Research Suggests That Saunas Help You Live Longer

Of course. I would bet that you'd get the same results from people who spend an hour doing tai chi or meditating or just relaxing on the back porch with a good book.

But I can't remember, is the sauna the one where naked people whip each other with eucalyptus leaves or is that the steam bath? Or is that something from a nightmare?

Comment: recipe for long life (Score 3, Insightful) 134

by PopeRatzo (#49158985) Attached to: Research Suggests That Saunas Help You Live Longer

Big surprise: People that take time out of their day for things they enjoy and self-care live longer. Who knew?

So, someone who has the time and financial resources to spend an hour in a sauna probably has a long list of factors that will contribute to longer life, none of which involve the life-giving effects of sitting in a hot box.

Comment: Re:Interesing... (Score 1) 384

by PopeRatzo (#49144105) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics

then I'll care about what "prominent members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate" think about climate change.

Take a look at what James Inhofe (R-OK) who is chairman of the fucking Senate Committee on the Environmentthinks of global warming. TRIGGER WARNING: IF STUPIDITY UPSETS YOU DO NOT CLICK.

Comment: Re: meanwhile at Fort Meade (Score 1) 98

Unless you're just making shit up.

You're looking at the wrong account. Go to the NSA's "Public Affairs Office"

IIRC, the really silly ones go back to right around Thanskgiving.

Comment: Re:Realistic (Score 1) 362

by PopeRatzo (#49129807) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt

Regarding the incentives (tax credits and the like), again, once solar hits some critical mass, why would the government provide incentives? The incentives did their job, and got some number of people to adopt solar.

Maybe to level the playing field with the fossil fuel industry that has been enjoying those subsidies and incentives forever?

It's funny how certain people are all of a sudden saying, "You mean we're subsidizing energy? I'm shocked, I tell you, just shocked." It's even funnier when the Koch Brothers do it.

Comment: Re:meanwhile at Fort Meade (Score 1) 98

a bunch of NSA geeks are high fiving each other and can't seem to stop hooting and hollering with awesomeness

You are absolutely correct, and they're doing it in public.

Anyone who has seen the NSA's twitter feed knows they love to joke about this stuff. The first time I saw it, I was sure it had to be a parody account, but in fact it was the actual NSA account. The Intercept did a whole story about the sec-bro culture at the NSA and how we've basically got a bunch of 8chan dickheads who have been given the keys to our lives.

"You know, we've won awards for this crap." -- David Letterman