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And we need to keep in mind that the fundamental characteristics of these countries is not that they happen to have socialist policies, but rather that they have capitalism, rule of law, and democracy. The combination of those three pretty much guarantees that they'll have comfortable and to some degree, affordable socialist policies.

Did I just get khallow to endorse some level of socialism? Please wait a second while I skypoint for a bit...

Unfortunately for those European Socialist countries since the EU was formed, the new late-stage capitalism financial aristocracy is using disaster capitalism to create all sorts of havoc. I don't know if they're taking after us, or we're taking after them.

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That statement, while probably true, entirely misses the point.

Since I was responding to the guy who claimed the effective US corporate income tax rate was over 50%, I'd say it's exactly on point.

Now we have a situation where the US receives zero tax from multinationals instead of 13%. If the US had lowered its corporate income tax rates, perhaps the US would actually be receiving 13% from those multinationals instead of 0.

I guarantee, if we were collecting 13% from multinationals, the line out of the American Enterprise Institute would be, "This is unacceptable! We need to make the tax rate 0% on corporations so we can be just like Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, where rich people are left alone and colored people serve them drinks!"

Here are some countries that have 0% corporate income tax:
Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba
Cayman Islands
Isle of Man

You know what they all have in common? You or I can't live there unless we win the lottery, and the only jobs in those countries are hotel maid and lickspittle.

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You need to add capital gains and corporate taxes if you want to know how much the US government actually gets from every dollar earned by a corporation: []

I thought you objected to politically-motivated reports.

The papers and news reports you point to are bogus

Says the guy who just cited tax foundation dot org.

Comment Re:And it all comes down to greed (Score 1) 505 505

That claim is such utter bullshit that it isn't even worth for a citation. Use your head, man. I mean, how utterly ignorant can you be?

Yes, it's worth a citation. In fact, I have a couple for you. Here's a Fortune Magazine article that shows my claim is true. There's even a nifty graph for you to look at and not understand.


the fact is that the US has one of the highest effective corporate tax rates in the world (go look it up).

Yeah, I looked it up:

And here's the full (peer-reviewed) article, for your perusal. Let's hope you are more capable of perusal than you are of simple Google searches.

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I've been to Soviet Russia (Stalingrad (now St. Petersberg)) and lived in it personally, first hand.` Have you?

I've been to, and lived in, and have worked in Britain, Finland and France. Have you? Hell, I was even there long enough to have experienced their health care system after I got a wisdom tooth removed in Helsinki. Cost me $25 (which the dentist wouldn't take because he said it had been a pleasure to practice English with me).

So, if you want to talk about "socialism" with me, you can bring your "Soviet Russia" to the parks and see if the squirrels want it, because nobody's buying here. My experience with socialism is a whole hell of a lot more germane than your "Soviet Russia".

And yes, I have been to St Petersberg. In fact, I've got a picture of my wife and I in front of The Hermitage right over my left (your right) shoulder. It was taken on an August day six years ago. My wife was there for a Mathematics conference and I was her plus one.

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First, forget about pensions; 401k plans are much better and have replaced them for most workers.

Fewer than 15% of everyone with a 401k plan will have enough to retire by the time they turn 70.

The 401k plan will go down as one of the greatest scams, and one of the greatest schemes to redistribute money upward, in the history of human economics.

You know how the Chinese government is forcing people to buy and hold stocks in order to try to shore up their crashing stock market? Well that's exactly what the entire 401k statute was for. Conservatives like to say that Social Security and worker pensions were a "Ponzi scheme". Well, 401k is a Ponzi scheme on steroids.

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The fact that "corporate profits" are a higher percentage of GDP, a prioriy, only means that more private businesses are organized as corporations, hardly a big problem.

More than forty percent of all workers in the US are making less than $15/hr.

The claim that "the statutory top corporate tax rate in the United States is 35 percent" is a half-truth, because the effective corporate tax rate in the US is actually closer to 50%, one of the highest in the world.

That is some happy American Enterprise Institute horseshit. The real, effective corporate tax rate in the US is less than 13%:

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I'll take my chances with free market capitalism over socialism ANY DAY.

There is an old commie saying: "You keep doing what you been doing and you're going to keep getting what you got."

And what you got is the "new normal". P.T. Barnum had a name for people who believe in "free market capitalism".

"Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit!" -- Looney Tunes, "What's Opera Doc?" (1957, Chuck Jones)