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Comment: Post-human capitalism (Score 1) 177

by PopeRatzo (#48476083) Attached to: Behind Apple's Sapphire Screen Debacle

GT said that to save costs, Apple decided not to install backup power supplies, and multiple outages ruined whole batches of sapphire. The terms Apple negotiated committed GT to supplying a huge amount of sapphire, but put Apple under no obligation to buy it.

Understanding how business is done in the second decade of the 21st century requires a level of cynicism that I'm just not willing to endure.

Comment: Re:Are they the same? (Score 3, Interesting) 129

by PopeRatzo (#48473849) Attached to: Wikipedia's "Complicated" Relationship With Net Neutrality

Or, imagine that the websites espousing certain political views do not count against your cap, but those with opposing political views do.

Which messages are more likely to be heard?

Net Neutrality is about whether or not we are going to trust corporate gatekeepers with no requirement of fairness to set the narrative about our society.

And how will this affect how companies that provide hosting services work, if some of them get caps and others don't? What will happen to the cost of hosting (which is basically the cost of speech on the internet)?

Comment: Re:Shyeah, right. (Score 2) 275

by PopeRatzo (#48464593) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

The idea is that your backups should be far enough apart that they won't be caught in the same natural disaster.

Oh, OK. That makes sense. Like if you were in the Northeast when Hurricane Sandy hit. You'd probably want it like several states away to be safe. Maybe one in New Jersey and one in Chicago, where the only natural disasters are the Cubs and Bears.

Comment: Re:Shyeah, right. (Score 2) 275

by PopeRatzo (#48463993) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

in at least 1 different state

Are you expecting an entire state to disappear? I mean, I've heard jokes about California falling into the ocean, but a requirement of having backups in two different states seems kind of extreme.

But I guess it could happen. That's why I always insist on keeping at least one backup in low Earth orbit and another on one of the moons of Jupiter. This way, if Galactus shows up and eats the Earth, I'll still be able to pull my post-close EOY General Journal from 1996. Or at least I will be if SpaceX can ever figure out this manned space flight thing.

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