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Comment So here we go... (Score 1) 382

So now the banks have decided that patents only hinder human progress (at least in the industry that rapes people of there money), so hopefully now the full extent of patent bondage can be realized by a large majority. But who the f*** are we kidding the only reason this is going to fly for banks is because they have a hell of a lot of power in the US political(aka fight for domination) structure. Drug patents, Water purification or desalinization patents, Medical device patents, and a whole lot more are really just a why to slow down progress of humanity so that money can be sucked out of a populace. Wait extraction of wealth is the whole idea behind the structure of capitalism, were f***ed!

Haiku Tech Talk at Google a Success 127

mikesum writes "February 13 was Haiku's big day at Google, and we can say with a good degree of confidence that the Haiku Tech Talk was quite successful. We had a very special guest for this event: former Be Inc. CEO Jean Louis Gassée, who not only joined us at Google for our presentation, but also gave a few words of support and encouragement for our project. It was great to have JLG's presence, as well as that of the several ex-Be engineers who showed up for the talk. We were also glad to see Java for BeOS developer Andrew Bachman join us for this special event. Have a look at the pictures taken during the presentation, as well as the video of the event."

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