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Comment: When 5-digit /. user IDs were considered large. (Score 1) 192

by Pomme de Terre! (#31437592) Attached to: Dot-Com Craze Peaked 10 Years Ago This Week

Such glorious days were they! When every computer science diploma had an "Endorse Here" line on the back to cash at the bank. When simply couldn't fail. When Red Hat would destroy Microsoft -- "Is Linux ready for the desktop?" -- that headline was actually new (and exciting). When 5-digit /. user ids were extremely large values. Alice and Bill were still together, and in print. What's better: Alta Vista or Lycos? AOL was called America Online ("The future: now available"), but we remember CompuServe and GEnie and Prodigy and Delphi.

And let me tell you something: Java is going to change the world!

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