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+ - Microsoft Relishes its Role as Accuser in Antitrust Suit Against Google

Submitted by HughPickens.com
HughPickens.com (3830033) writes "Danny Hakim reports at the NYT that as European antitrust regulators formally accuse Google of abusing its dominance, Microsoft is relishing playing a behind-the-scenes role of scold instead of victim. Microsoft has founded or funded a cottage industry of splinter groups to go after Google. The most prominent, the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace, or Icomp, has waged a relentless public relations campaign promoting grievances against Google. It conducted a study that suggested changes made by Google to appease regulators were largely window dressing. “Microsoft is doing its best to create problems for Google,” says Manfred Weber, the chairman of the European People’s Party, the center-right party that is the largest voting bloc in the European Parliament. “It’s interesting. Ten years ago Microsoft was a big and strong company. Now they are the underdog.”

According to Hakim, Microsoft and Google are the Cain and Abel of American technology, locked in the kind of struggle that often takes place when a new giant threatens an older one. Microsoft was frustrated after American regulators at the Federal Trade Commission didn’t act on a similar antitrust investigation against Google in 2013, calling it a “missed opportunity.” It has taken the fight to the state level, along with a number of other opponents of Google. Microsoft alleges that Google's anti-competitive practices include stopping Bing from indexing content on Google-owned YouTube; blocking Microsoft Windows smartphones from "operating properly" with YouTube; blocking access to content owned by book publishers; and limiting the flow of ad campaign information back to advertisers, making it more expensive to run ads with rivals. "Over the past year, a growing number of advertisers, publishers, and consumers have expressed to us their concerns about the search market in Europe," says Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel. "They've urged us to share our knowledge of the search market with competition officials.""

Comment: Re:Humans are Human (Score 1) 362

by PolygamousRanchKid (#49469315) Attached to: Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels?

Well, if a catastrophe occurs, and half the human population on the planet dies, then we will have a butt-load of human corpses. Can we somehow use them to generate energy? There be lots of fat in those critters.

And, well, for the survivors, we could enslave a bunch of folks to peddle on fitness studio bikes hooked up to dynamos. Hey, all the electricity you will every need, but you will need to hire the whip guy out of Ben Hur.

Comment: Bring back segregated schools . . . ?!?! (Score 5, Insightful) 147

So segregated schools would be the obvious (and wrong) answer? Black students go to a school with black teachers, and white kids go to a school with white teachers ?!?!?!

Ah, what ever happened to folks who thought like this:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of "interposition" and "nullification" -- one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

I guess Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't dreaming . . . give the current state of race relations in the US . . . he was fantasizing.

+ - First alpha of public sector Linux deployment system 1

Submitted by mathiasfriman
mathiasfriman (4074403) writes "SverigeLinux (SwedenLinux in swedish) is a project financed by the Swedish Internet Fund that develop a Linux deployment system for the public sector. It is based on DebianLAN and has just released its first public early alpha version. This 7 minute video shows how you can deploy up to 100 workstations with minimal Linux knowledge in under an hour, complete with DHCP, DNS and user data in LDAP, logins using Kerberos and centralized storage. The project has a home on Github and is looking for testers and developers, hope you will try it out. Don't worry, no Björgen Kjörgen, it's all in english."

Comment: Re:mode of death (Score 1) 96

by PolygamousRanchKid (#49452669) Attached to: Being Overweight Reduces Dementia Risk

I dunno. With Alzheimer's, you lose your ability to create short term memories, but your long term memories remain intact. One sufferer quipped, "I get to meet someone new every day!" So the question is, do dementia sufferers even realize, that they have dementia . . . ?

A relative recently died of terminal lung cancer. She suffered in pain for a year, and knew that there was no hope. Now THAT really sucked. I'm wondering if I was bat-shit crazy, if I would even have the sense to know that I was definitely going to die in pain, really soon. Just pump me up with pain killers, and let me dream away the last days, in a sea of opiates . . .

+ - Cannabis smoking makes students less likely to pass university courses->

Submitted by Bruce66423
Bruce66423 (1678196) writes "A large scale European study shows that

“the... effect is five times larger for courses requiring numerical/mathematical skills,”

which can probably be argued to show that it DOES require more intelligence to be a geek...

In other news, water is wet and flows DOWNHILL."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:1st (Score 1) 74

by PolygamousRanchKid (#49452111) Attached to: Amazon Gets Approval To Test New Delivery Drones

Expect local ordinances.

I don't think that the drone delivery question will be settled by the FAA, aviation experts or any laws. It will be settled in the courts, by lawyers. When a drone crashes in a park, and turns the face of somebody's child into raw hamburger meat, there will be a massive liability lawsuit.

Game over.

+ - French TV network TV5Monde targeted in 'pro-Isis' cyberattack->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "French broadcaster TV5Monde is today working to regain control of its 11 television channels and online platforms after hackers claiming ties with the Islamic State hijacked its network on Wednesday evening, forcing the media group to show only pre-recorded content. The television network was able to return in part to its planned schedule by 1:00am (23:00 GMT) last night, after the hacking group had suspended its broadcast services for three hours. Yves Bigot, the Parisian company’s director general, said that the network had been “severely damaged” by an “unprecedented attack” which would have taken weeks to prepare. The hacking group posted threats and shared a collection of files across TV5Monde’s Facebook page which it claimed were copies of ID cards and CVs of relatives of French soldiers involved in anti-IS operations."
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+ - Microsoft creates a Docker-like container for Windows->

Submitted by angry tapir
angry tapir (1463043) writes "Hoping to build on the success of Docker-based Linux containers, Microsoft has developed a container technology to run on its Windows Server operating system. The Windows Server Container can be used to package an application so it can be easily moved across different servers. It uses a similar approach to Docker's, in that all the containers running on a single server all share the same operating system kernel, making them smaller and more responsive than standard virtual machines."
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