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Comment Re:How big is a "solar panel"? (Score 1) 571

I'm kind of wondering where they would all go.

If each panel was a square meter, that's 193 square miles of solar panels.

Hillary is talking about solar panels from Solyndra. They take up very little space . . . because they don't exist at all.

Instead of making promises about the number of solar panels, Hillary should be talking about how much power will be produced by them. In relation to how much power that comes from other sources.

Comment Re:Mishandling Sensitive Material? (Score 1) 434

Clinton wasn't hacked

And just how do you know that for sure? Serious, professional government intelligence services don't brag about successful hacking by posting about it on Facebook. Only kiddies do that.

So we have no way of knowing if Hilary had any top secret (or above!) information on that mail server, or if it made it into the hands of the intelligence services of foreign, hostile governments.

Comment Re:Honey price (Score 5, Funny) 174

World honey prices, like world diamond prices, are kept artificially high by a South African monopoly. For diamonds, the monopoly company is called de Beers. For honey, the monopoly company is called de Bees.

Tip the veal, try the waitress . . .

Comment Re:MASS spectrometry? (Score 1) 82

Surely this device has nothing whatsoever to do with a mass-spec?

It doesn't matter. Package it up to look like a Star Trek Tricorder, and sell them at Star Trek conventions. They will be an instant hit. Trekkies will have a hoot and a half running around scanning each other.

Maybe I should buy a whistle and re-badge it as a "sonic screwdriver"?

That would sell well at Dr. Who conventions. Maybe Vikorinox could bring out a Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Swiss Army Knife . . . ?

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