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Comment: Do you really need this precision? (Score 2) 239

by Polizei (#48118887) Attached to: Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again)
Come on, guys, you'll ever only use FPU instructions when you need speed, not precision.
Anyone remember 0x5f375a86?
The precision used in Quake's source code wasn't even nearly comparable to the FPU, but was fast enough.

In other words, you'll never calculate shopping cart totals minus discounts and other stuff this way (or, at least, you shouldn't!)
There's BigDecimal in Ruby/Java, decimal.Decimal in Python, GMP in C/C++, etc...

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 309

by Polizei (#47227675) Attached to: Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

Javascript, which is horrendously bad for large projects

A few months ago I had this project that consisted of nearly 200 controllers and 100-150 directives / modules (AngularJS)
Tell me how bad is it?

The asset pipeline compiled this to a single file in production, which was some 300K. I agree that this is a heavy load, but we're talking regular website, not a mobile one.

Comment: Human water [mis]use? (Score 1) 324

by Polizei (#40076293) Attached to: Human Water Use Accounts For 42% of Recent Sea Level Rise
I think that it's not the regular water use that's the problem, but the *misuse* - mainly manual underground water extraction...
Normally, water that has come to the ocean will eventually return to the ground in the form of rain, rivers will be full, etc...
Manually extracted water could not be returned that easily to the source. I'm not aware of the way that rivers are formed, or if/how they refill but this doesn't seem to be the problem in this case.
And, uhm, yes. The ocean level is rising since I remember. Deal with it.

Comment: Re:URL shorteners, anyone? (Score 1) 198

by Polizei (#39483879) Attached to: Microsoft Blocking Pirate Bay Links In Messenger

No you don't, they actually resolve the target links, at least for the common URL shortener services.

Well then, this gives one the opportunity to DDoS either URL shorteners or MSN servers. Imagine a 1,000,000+ shortened URLs within 5 minutes - make a HEAD request for each, now that's a flood!

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