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+ - Security for open source web projects-> 1

Submitted by PoissonPilote
PoissonPilote (1274002) writes "I'm currently developing a multi-player browser based game, using the good old HTML, Javascript, PHP & MySQL. Progress is good so far, and my number of players is slowly but steadily increasing.
At the beginning of the project, I decided to put the entirety of my game under the MIT licence, so that anyone could study the code or even start their own server for the game.
However, with the increasing popularity of my project, I am starting to worry about security issues. Even though I consider myself decent at web development and am pretty sure I'm not making any classic mistakes (SQL injection, cross-site scripting, URL forgery, etc.) I am no web security expert. I didn't find any relevant examples to compare my game to, as most open source games are written in a compiled language, and no web server is at stake in those cases. Some web developers friends told me not to release the source code at all, others told me to release it only when the game will be shut down- naturally I'm not satisfied by either of these solutions.

What approach does Slashdot recommend ?"

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+ - DIY: Make the world a better place->

Submitted by PoissonPilote
PoissonPilote (1274002) writes "We've all heard, at this point, of the amazing story of that teenager from Malawi who, with a textbook, his wits and will, managed to bring electricity to his village. That shows us how much can be done in 3rd world countries without waiting for the help of massive corporations, foundations, organizations, etc. that claim they want to help, have an enormous funding, and yet do not make much happen.

Are there initiatives that allow engineers/scientists/students/etc. do go in a 3rd world country for a couple of months, and teach people there rudimentary engineering and scientific skills so they can enhance their conditions of living? Would you be interested in taking part in such a program?"

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