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Comment Re:Hooray for druggies! (Score 0) 409

I don't care if it's 30 additional seconds to get the dogs there. Unless they SAW drugs on the front seat, they had NO reason to call in the dogs. The dogs are consistently abused to intimidate people and find "evidence" of crimes that didn't actually happen. Please see civil forfeiture laws. Just because they happened to be right in this case doesn't mean they should be given carte blanche to abuse everyone. Please don't give these assholes any benefit of the doubt. It has been proven over and over again that they WILL steal from you. ~P~

Comment Re:Hooray for druggies! (Score 5, Informative) 409

You're a fucking idiot. Did you know that these dogs can be trained to alert on cash? You know, the cash you might have in the car because you just sold your motorcycle like I did last October. Do you know what happens when the cops find cash? They steal it from you under the pretense that you MIGHT have been involved in a drug transaction or some other nefarious crime. Civil Forfeiture Laws are a thing and this ruling will help protect the innocent from those who would police for profit. Sit. Stay. Moron. P.

Comment Re:A horror story (Score 1) 784

You, Sir, are a fucking moron. Adult women get abducted, raped and killed, too. I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to let my child live in fear. Montgomery County CPS can go fuck themselves for thinking they are entitled to take children out of a home simply because they disagree with parents who have done nothing against the law. Fuck off, commie.

Comment Re:So 60% positive ? (Score 2) 256

They've already more or less admitted that they have absolutely no control with these lists, and that any agency, for any reason, without any actual evidence can add someone to the watch lists.

Let's think this through for a minute... So you would rather that the list be made up of persons with known terrorism group allegiances, and that any and all supporting information also be cataloged in the same place so that the list is audit-ready to outline exactly who is a terrorist, why, and how we know that? Yeah fucking right. The list itself would be a roadmap for how the US finds and tracks terrorists. You're just going to have to unwad your panties on this one, you don't get to decide who the defense department targets since you are completely unqualified to do so and frankly, don't know shit about mitigating the risk of terrorism.

Apparently, the people in charge are also completely unqualified. By your logic, we should simply sit back until they've fingered everyone as a potential terrorist. Then there won't be anyone left to complain.

Comment Re:When will we... (Score 1) 266

Fuck the apology. Put him in jail.

At this point there is no choice but to assume that when the CIA and NSA say they're in compliance with the law, they're bloody well lying.

When they're outright lying to the people who oversee them, they've become a criminal organization.

Going to jail would be the sincerest form of apology. At least then we'd know they're really sorry, although not necessarily for the correct reason.

Comment Re:If you want campaign finance reform (Score 1) 317

Wouldn't this promote even more distasteful behavior? A politician with nothing to lose at the next election is likely to do almost anything... I'm not sure most of these people have the self-control or patience to consider a future term that might be 4 years beyond the end of their current term. D.

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