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Comment Re:interesting (Score 0, Troll) 262 262

That means there's libre-free software and a service provided by a non-distro company which is, for selected distros, gratis-free. For now.

I like your Latin-based distinction of "free" better than the free-as-in-beer v.s. free-as-in-speech method.
I'll have to remember it for the next time I give a speech on OSS at the Roman senate.

Comment Re:Why should I worry? (Score 0) 926 926

I've always been curious about this quote ... are communists, trade unionists, and Jews the only groups of people known to speak up?

I'd like to believe that monarchists, Zen Buddhists, the PTA, and a few Presbyterians would get involved before I need to leave my couch.

Comment Re:Instant distractions (Score 2, Funny) 222 222

This is the very reason I don't have a cell phone

I met a gentleman last night who recently purchased a Droid phone and claimed that it's the first mobile phone that he's ever owned. When I asked him why he didn't own one before, he responded:

"I thought cell phones were only useful for buying drugs."

I think he also has a 5-digit slashdot user id

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