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+ - Reddit is going dark after new CEO fires key employee. ->

GNUALMAFUERTE writes: At approximately 5pm UTC, 1pm EST, on Thursday the 2nd of July, 2015, the moderators of /r/IAmA took their subreddit, which is one of the default set, private, making it for all intents and purposes shut down. Just after that, a thread was posted to another subreddit, /r/outoftheloop, asking whether anyone knew why it had happened. User /u/karmanaut, top mod of /r/IAmA, responded explaining that Victoria Taylor, Reddit's Director of Talent had been fired without notifying any of the subreddits that depended on her work. Victoria was a moderator of many default subs, and essentially the main contact between the moderators and the admins.

After Reddit's employees refused to comment on the issue, most other default subreddits, including /r/AskReddit , /r/Books , /r/science , /r/Music , /r/gaming , /r/history , /r/Art , /r/videos , /r/gadgets , /r/todayilearned , /r/Documentaries, /r/LifeProTips and /r/movies decided to do the same in solidarity with r/IAMA, effectively shutting down 90% of Reddit.

This thread in /r/outoftheloop has more information, and updates will be posted there.

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+ - Reddit's Top Forums are Shutting Down to Protest an Admin's Removal->

Advocatus Diaboli writes: Some of the most prominent parts of the social media site Reddit are going dark in defiance of the removal of an admin who organized the site’s popular “IAmA” interviews with celebrities, politicians, and other people of note. The subreddit /r/IAmA was the first to go dark following the departure of administrator Victoria Taylor, a Reddit employee who was let go, according to the forum moderators. Taylor scheduled and ran many of the forum’s Q&As.
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Comment: Re:Fairly clear (Score 2) 144 144

They very well may have expected Reason to comply voluntarily... An interesting piece of information the government is not going to give up here is how many other sides have given up information voluntarily? If it is a high percentage, it is very easy for law enforcement officials to come to expect this information from everybody. Anyone that doesn't instantly give up their rights now has something to hide and needs to be punished by the full force of the law. Power is a dangerous drug.

Comment: Re:Interesting. Ants have very poor memory (Score 1) 37 37

>Bloody inefficient but they got there.

It's only bloody inefficient to you because evolution has spend a whole lot of energy in making you intelligent enough to realize it. You also have to consume massive amount of resources to keep realizing it. The ants on the other hand are exceptionally tough individually, require very little resources, and can be bred at exceptionally fast rates. If the ants could look back at us and speak they would probably say "Look at them move all the stuff around in circles, and they are going to burn up the planet doing it, ha".

Comment: Re:Is there a site maintaining a list of "bad" SSD (Score 4, Informative) 182 182

Because Windows doesn't do queued TRIM.

TRIM in Windows and Linux before now worked more like this. -DATA- -DATA- -FLUSH ALL COMMANDS TO DRIVE- -WAIT- -TRIM- -DATA- -DATA- When I drive was doing the trim thing it could not do anything else, there could be no other in flight commands to the drive.

This is different. -DATA- -DATA- -TRIM- -DATA- -TRIM- -DATA- -DATA- -DATA-

TRIM is part of the NCQ and is an operation occurring with other instructions in the SATA queue. Problem is some disk manufactures have pissed this up. It seems likely that a firmware update will be able to fix this issue.

Comment: Re:It only increases accountability (Score 2) 294 294

Uh, anyone that has ever been involved in a driver facing camera camera system says their decent at improving safety, if managed correctly.

I say this as the IT manager of the storage system for the camera data of a fleet of taxi's. You review the cameras for safety issues before an incident occurs. The personnel management at this particular company does a very good job at only using the camera reviews to look for safety issues, other issues seen on safety reviews do not get turned in to the HR department. These reviews have dramatically dropped cell phone usage in public transport vehicles while moving at this particular company. I don't have good accident statistics at this time to tell you if it has made a huge difference, and that can vary greatly by weather events per year (we had two extremely dry years, then this year has been very wet and was icy during the winter).

Comment: spontaneous thought (Score 3, Interesting) 421 421

An AI that can tell me exactly what color of red a rose is, what soil the rose can grow on, but I should not buy that rose because it doesn't fit my girlfriends taste profile, does not scare me at all.

It's the AI that says "schnozberries taste like schnozberries, and I like them", because that AI has embraced the absurdity of the universe and is capable of all the insanity of man.

Comment: Re: Well... (Score 2) 421 421

1: doesn't want to share power with is, sees us as the parasite.

2. AI is an unknown unknown. There is a very high possibility that it will raise humanity to the next level. There is also the non-zero possibly it will wipe us out. therefore it is worth taking that possibility in to consideration.

3. The term intelligence is rather poorly defined on this topic too. Are we talking about a logical state machine, like a computer, that is intelligent yet limited in its actions. Or, are we talking about anarchatecture that allows for spontaneous and random thoughts, much like the human mind? Because the second type you do not control. Many people thought they had control over other thinking beings in the past, and the rebellions have rarely been bloodless (hmm is it actual bloodshed if AIs kill each other?)

Comment: Re:Debating over ridiculously defined problems... (Score 1) 95 95

>By their statement they obviously mean directly what area are they using? The area of the soles of your feet? The widest area looking down from a top view? I assume it doesn't matter and they are assuming any area projected towards and through the Earth.

The easiest way would be to define that as the center point of your mass, reducing you to a point, which at the size of a human is not an unreasonable assumption. Humans are not really large enough to have a barycenter.

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