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Comment: Re:Maybe science went off the rails... (Score 2) 338

by Plumpaquatsch (#49775579) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

Climate science is probably the most scrutinized field of science right now. And despite people saying the whole field is a crock, nothing of substance is found wrong.

Obviously the whole thing isn't a crock, there is just a lot of noise in the field now largely owing to it being such a hot topic and gold mine for grants and publicity.

And the only reason it being such a hot topic and gold mine for grants and publicity is because of the deniers who want more proof. Which they then are "skeptic" about.

Comment: Re: Label the opposition as "vaccine deniers" - Ne (Score 1) 338

by Plumpaquatsch (#49775533) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

The problem is that the people who are the anti-vaxers are the vary same people who carry the Global Warming torch the highest and are most vocal in the popular media.

Yeah, people like Donald Trump and Michele Bachmann are poster children for "people who carry the Global Warming torch".

Comment: Re:Isn't the phrase "kicked upstairs"? (Score 1) 133

by Plumpaquatsch (#49775133) Attached to: Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Named Chief Design Officer

It's the Dilbert Principal at work. Companies tend to promote their least-competent employees to management in order to limit the amount of damage they are capable of doing.

Errm, apart from TFA mentioning he will do less management (and more designing) in order to do less damage.

Comment: Re:did they damage the car? (Score 1) 430

by Plumpaquatsch (#49774261) Attached to: D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker

They broke the rear window and blew up the pressure cooker outside the car. Reimburse? No, they didn't reimburse him; instead they arrested him for operating a vehicle after license revocation, just to cover up for their incompetence. Obviously if a car belonging to someone has moved, it must be that person who moved it, right?

He's only free because his name is Israel, not Abdul. Ohh, BTW:

Israel Shimeles, of Alexandria, tells NBC Washington that he understands why the propane tank and pressure cooker, which he uses for work and were left in his vehicle, caused concern and why the U.S. Capitol Police had to destroy the pressure cooker. (Courtesy NBC Washington) ... Police discovered the pressure cooker on 3rd Street between Jefferson and Madison drives about 5 p.m. and destroyed it about 15 minutes before the National Memorial Day Concert on the Capitol lawn was to begin nearby.

And that days after the death sentence of the Boston pressure cooker bomber. Yeah, they should have thought that this is absolutely no concern of them.

Comment: Re:Sudden? (Score 1) 267

There are many cases where even republicans go on record stating man made climate change. It is basicly the Oil industry who is trying to keep the doubt about it. So the politicians Democrat or republican (mostly republican) who come from the Energy Producing states. Will play onto the spew to keep themselves elected.

Politics are not Pro- or Anti-Science. It is weather the science is political useful for them or not. Otherwise they will be happy putting their head in the sand.

Have you ever visited a coal mining town that doesn't mine coal anymore? The end result is almost always a severely depressed area, rampant poverty, high unemployment and underemployment, high drug use and abuse, prostitution, etc. A lot (millions) of people live in oil towns and oil cities in the US. For the good of the world, maybe we need to cut back on oil and gas. But the politicians would not be doing their job if they didn't represent the people who elected them.

Well, those towns that haven't gone that road already rather sooner than later will. The deniers are advocating building up Fracking and Tar Sand towns that will then face that destiny in a couple of decades.

Comment: Re:Cui bono? (Score 1) 71

by Plumpaquatsch (#49749865) Attached to: Apple Acquires GPS Start-Up

Apple maps was (and still is) so bad they had to break their own rules and approve a stand alone Google maps application.

Bullshit. There have been many map/navigation apps long before Apple brought out their "own" Maps (as opposed to their own Maps app that used Google's limited data). So much for braking your made up rules.

Comment: Re:Perplexing (Score 1) 74

by Plumpaquatsch (#49749503) Attached to: In 1984, Jobs and Wozniak Talk About Apple's Earliest Days

The leech always finds the innocent creature, not the other way round.

BTW, not only was The Woz a super cool computer nerd, he was and is a heck of a nice guy -- to have put up with what he put up with from Jobs, and still like and promote Apple products to this day? Saintly.

Yeah, can't have anything to do with the fact that, unlike you, he actually knew Jobs.

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