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by Plumpaquatsch (#47757533) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

You said that we can't predict volcanos and quakes. That isn't entirely correct. Mt. St. Helens was predicted, and they cleared the mountain of most people.

So? They couldn't predict how much CO2 and other climate relevant material the eruption would emit 1 hour before it happened, let alone years in advance. So how would that prediction help in any way?

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by Plumpaquatsch (#47752863) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

Hey, look, HornWumpus, you don't know shit.

Our planet, has, in it's history, quite provably been over 10 C warmer, due to different carbon levels. That's huge, FYI. Earth has a proven history of going extremely warm(and no one is saying Venus is our future, thanks for the implied strawman there). That kind of change would murder our system of agriculture, almost everywhere.

Not exactly, higher CO2 levels and warmer temperatures would provide more arable land, more plants absorbing CO2 etc. That is one of the feed backs that mitigate CO2 concentration buildups. I do know that plants in higher CO2 concentrations can handle higher temperatures. Raising the CO2 concentration to 1500ppm in an enclosed green house promotes plant growth and the plants do much better at temperatures up to and a little above 32.2c (90f) I did a study a few years back on that and was surprised at the results.

So did you also look at the increased demand for water and nutrients of those plants Or do you assume they would just magically appear?

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by Plumpaquatsch (#47752155) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

interesting.... however the problem lies in the fact thats it is higher than they thought, meaning it COULD still be worse than they thought, meaning AGW MAY NOT be the doom and gloom some make it out to be.

So you find the possibility that non-man-made Global Warming may actually be much worse than man-made Global Warming reassuring.

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$15 billion since 2008 ... minus Apple's 30% cut ... that's 10.5 billion ... over 7 years ... $1.5 billion a year .. divided by 300,000 iOS jobs created in the US equals $5,000 over 7 years, or $714 per dev per year average.

This doesn't take into account the people working in the rest of the world,

It also doesn't take into account all the people who get hired as iOS app programmers, working on free apps. Like those working for Google, Facebook, airlines, Nike, etc.

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. I can play around with the tools and creating apps as much as I want without spending a dime. It's only when I want to put an app on actual device that I need to spend the money.

You already had the OSx running Apple device then?

Well, yes, those who didn't hop on the train because there's money to be made, they already had a Mac and experience in programming for OS X - which helped them programing for iOS. Or rather "iPhone OS" as it was recently renamed from "OS X for the iPhone" back then.

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so at the very worst all you've lost is your time?

Because my time is worth much more than the fee and the development hardware I would have to buy. If I could eliminate a week of testing due to having a more restrictive platform, I've made up the difference in dev costs.

So you don't test your apps for Android?

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Depends on the country. In the US Apple users spend more, in China not so much.

China was the key market for iOS App Store growth, showing exceptional gains in both downloads and revenue. iOS App Store revenue in China grew around 70% quarter-over-quarter. - See more at:

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