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Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 1) 229

$25 or $100 is negligible even if you value your time well below minimum wage.

If I wanted to develop an IOS app, I'd have to buy another computer and another phone. This is a $2000 minimum outlay as well as the $99 per year needed to remain a developer. Given that most apps dont even make $99 per year chances are I'd never make back the original outlay.

What do you think it costs to develop for Android? Heck, you need to build an house extension just to store the test devices.

Comment Re: Actually, the opposite (Score 1) 79

So what you're saying is that it was possible, but for some reason the original malware writers decided not to?

Probably because that would have led to the malware being detected by Apple's app checking, resulting in the loss of bragging rights for "First major malware attack on Apple's App Store".

Comment Re:Why would any developer ever download this? (Score 1) 79

it used to cost $5 many years ago because of weird accounting

I bet you also believed the line about OS X updates having to cost money because of the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

Apple charges what they do because people pay. There is absolutely no accounting or SARBOX voodoo involved.

Actually, that would be a SEXCONKER OXSHIT ACT issue, because you just made it up.

Comment Re: Still better than that malware Android (Score 1) 169

Of course there are solutions. Have developers submit their source for Apple to build, instead of an already-built bundle. This could be through an automated process that does not expose the source to Apple or to anyone else, and would prevent trojanned toolchains of any sort.

However, it seems to me that a trojanned xcode isn't really the issue here. If the malware was hidden inside the provided application files, then what's to prevent people from doing the same kind of thing knowingly?

Well, many apps already do what this malware did - which was actually pretty harmless.

Comment Re:there are ways (Score 1) 169

There is tech to inspect compiled code and try to find malicious bits, even in an automated fashion, that won't be fooled by an idle loop. It's far from perfect or being a silver bullet, but it is there and getting better by the day.

So can it identify when an app does nothing more than what most normal apps do anyway, but in a malicious way?

Comment Re: Serious to get into developer path (Score 1) 169

So you prefer Android because Apple's security isn't absolutely perfect. Which it has to be, because some fanboy supposedly said it was.

All while Google often removes much worse malware from the Play Store so often it doesn't even hit the headlines anymore. Did I mention they also scan all apps admitted? And refuse some? Like ad blockers? Must be malware.

Comment Re:Don't forget people (Score 1) 69

This is the court case where Samsung presented Apple blue-prints showing the entire iThing UI and hardware design was lifted from Sony, who strangely haven't sued Apple. The documents were too inconvenient and the judge ordered they be removed from the record citing they arrived too late. Yes, too late, despite rendering Apple's case moot.

Can't have those slitty eyed eastern types showing a trendy US corporation ripping off the nations that build their products, then pretending to have invented it. Ban the gooks!

Bwahahaha. That claim was even dumber than the 2001 claim. http://fortune.com/2012/08/01/...

Anyone still repeating is must be dumb as shit. Especially when he tries to hide his stupidity behind the race card (not to mention that the judge is Asian-American).

Comment Re: Quick poll (Score 1) 174

Many Android devices have alternate OSes (Cyanogenmod, etc) that support the device for far longer than the OEM did.

That's another example of the freedom you get with the Android platform instead of iOS.

Android, Fuck yeah!

"Many" meaning about 500 across all ROMs, including the sort-of and the formerly supported ones (Yes, even Cyanogen drops support for older phones). Problem is, OpenSignal found 24,093 distinct Android devices in their recent survey, up from 18,796 last year.

So the chances that a random Android phone can be upgraded with any of those alternates is still lower than 1 in 10. Way lower.

Comment Re: Far too late in the game...pun intended (Score 2) 174

Remember when you could "jailbreak" your iphone by just going to a website? You know "jailbreaking" the device is gaining full root access right?

Sure, xbox has the RROD and such... but Apple never had the newton and other total failures?

What happened with apple's previous console?


Remember when you could root somebodies Android by sending them a MSM? That was fucking last month, and still works on 90% of all Android phones.

Remember Ouya? Well, people can at least remember Pippin 2 decades later. Hardly anyone had even heard of the epitome of Android gaming.

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