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Comment: Re:Nuclear? (Score 1) 308 308

Not a lot of storage is necessary as long as electricity is never priced below market equilibrium

Those of us who have to run our air-conditioners 24/7 seven+ months of the year disagree. A lot of storage is necessary, or a lot of the energy producers have to be baseload. For which read "nuclear"....

Too bad nuclear power plants want cooling too - and have to be shut down when their cooling water supply either dries out or becomes to warm. And it takes weeks to get them running again, even when the cooling returns the next day. And coincidently those shut downs are happening more and more often, you know, because AGW.

Comment: Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 1) 308 308

Yes, perhaps we too can do it the German way. All we need to do is replace all our old coal-fired power plants with brand new, more efficient ones, while at the same time encouraging Mexico to install nuclear, so we can export our cheap electricity to them.


Comment: Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 1) 308 308

Or maybe Germany is awesome at propaganda. They import 2/3 of their energy (including nuclear energy from France and Czech Republic).

Funny thing: they export far more electricity than they import. https://www.energy-charts.de/exchange.htm. In fact, they export more than France and Czech Republic combined.

Comment: Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 1) 308 308

Amen to that.

If we are gonna claim to be serious about cutting emissions, France has already proven the technology to do so has already existed for a long time.

Too bad it fails when it gets too hot - http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2006/jul/30/energy.weather, http://insideclimatenews.org/news/20120815/nuclear-power-plants-energy-nrc-drought-weather-heat-water. Kinda sucks when you are dealing with Global Warming.

Comment: Re:Google is too wild . . . (Score 0, Flamebait) 328 328

Which, depending on the subject, can lead to totally off-topic results

What is off-topic about those results?

The organisation in question's website - which is no longer called the Wisconsin Tourism Federation - comes second in the list, and only because you've used google.de. Use its new name, or use google.com, and it comes top.

Seems like it's working perfectly to me.

It was a fucking example, you bloody moron. An example that was sort of fixed in part by the fact that they changed their name because the bloody search mostly returned off-topic results, and in part because it was one that was reported.

Comment: Re: No support for dynamic address assignment?!? (Score 1) 287 287

Isn't NAT and private address space a method of overcoming the limitations of IPv4? Shouldn't IPv6 be able to enable new home routers to be designed to avoid some private addresses where needed, specifically for the purposes of allowing access to our things. Old routers seem to be needed in order to circumvent our privacy. Until this is answered then no employee of a cloud based service would be expected to come clean about why they use such external servers. In other words aren't old IPv4 routers underpinning the current business model for any home device that needs to be accessed from outside?

First of all: you mean PAT, not NAT. Port address translation. And that leads to tons of problems (on top of those plain NAT brings) network admins would like to avoid - by using IPv6. Google for "NAT traversal" and "Application Level Gateway" for just a small part of the problem.

Comment: Re:Next Ask Toolbar (Score 1) 328 328

You obviously have not had to install Java recently. They have been bundling the Ask Toolbar (checked by default, and also making Ask your default search provider) for the last few years.

Honestly, bundling Yahoo is a step up - or at worst sideways. But, it is still criminal that this kind of crapware is enabled by default, preying on the novice users who are not savvy enough to un-check it.

AC is right - if this is a change from Ask.com to Yahoo, it is an improvement. If the Ask-bar still gets installed - fuck you Oracle.

Comment: Re:Google is too wild . . . (Score 2) 328 328

maybe try turning safe search back on and not searching with such ambiguous keyword combinations as "giant cock"?

Have you used Google lately? A couple of years ago they began to also search for "similar" words, including abbreviations and acronyms. Which, depending on the subject, can lead to totally off-topic results. E.g. https://www.google.de/search?q=Wisconsin+Tourism+Federation - WTF indeed. Their search-by-data is also often useless (esp. when looking for older stuff), because most sites now include links to current articles even on ancient pages, which of course drown out the actual content.

Comment: Re:Reconciling faith with science (Score 1) 305 305

You in no way countered the point that I made. The US was started on religious values. It certainly wasn't a scientifically oriented government..."In God We Trust".

IOW you are part of the Religious Right that wants to rewrite history - thanks for proving my point.

Comment: Re:the battle of the selfless (Score 1) 305 305

Don't mythologize native Americans. They were very few in number, yet did manage to hunt a few species to extinction. If everyone in North America were native American today, our ecological footprint probably wouldn't be much different.

Actually, they were not that small in number, its just that most were killed before the Whiteys came to see them because the diseases the Europeans brought over spread much faster than the invaders themselves.

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