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+ - Apple confirms Time Machine defect in OS X 10.5->

Submitted by
Pliep writes "In a new support document released yesterday, Apple confirms that Leopard's new backup feature called Time Machine may stop working after about 10 GB of data has been backed up. The solution may be to re-format the backup drive and make sure it does not have a Master Boot Record (MBR) partition type. Apple of course warns users to make sure they have a backup copy before reformatting their drive."
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+ - Slashdot polls -- good idea, or useless?

Submitted by posterlogo
posterlogo (943853) writes "Do people find the tagging system to be useful? How frequently do you make use of it? Often I find stories tagged "haha", which doesn't seem to be all that useful for finding something specific, since more than half the stories get this tag. Worse, lately there's been a lot of politicizing — tags like "liberalpropaganda" or "republicansarefuckingfacists". These appear to be just another way to make an anonymous coward statement. Do you like the tagging system?"

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