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Comment: This is not a novel idea. (Score 1) 143

by PlainWhiteTrash (#37554768) Attached to: Rob Malda Casts a Jaded Eye at Amazon's Silk
It's worth taking note that this is not a completely novel idea. The Blackberry web browser when running the Blackberry Internet Service has also used server-side resources of RIM's infrastructure to slice and dice and optimize web services. The same is true of email attachments -- the RIM infrastructure intercepts and re-optimizes. Especially apparent in viewing PDF attachments to email. In the Blackberry Enterprise Server infrastructure, this functionality actually moves to ones own BES server instance, with end-to-end encryption between the BES server and the handheld. This fact, at least, provides a corporation with the ability to not have the security exposure of having RIM decipher the pages and content. Perhaps the objection is that for Kindle fire we don't have an independently implementable server-side browsing optimization node?
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Usenet Group Sues Dutch RIAA 90

Posted by Soulskill
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eldavojohn writes "With the Pirate Bay trial, it's been easy to overlook similar struggles in other nations. A Dutch Usenet community named FTD is going on the offensive and suing BREIN (Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland). You may remember BREIN (along with the IFPI & BPI) as the people who raided and cut out the heart of eDonkey. This is turning into a pretty familiar scenario; the FTD group makes software that allows its 450k members to easily find copyrighted content for free on Usenet. The shocking part is that FTD isn't waiting for BREIN to sue them. FTD is refusing to take down their file location reports, and is actually suing BREIN. Why the preemptive attack? FTD wants the courts to show that the act of downloading is not illegal in the Netherlands. (Both articles have the five points in English that FTD wants the courts to settle.) OSNews has a few more details on the story."

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