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Comment: Re:One word: Cloud (Score 1) 244

The problem is the "could". We have a system that's set up to railroad people into the system with those "coulds". "You COULD get 7 years, or plead guilty and get off after 3 months, but it's an adult charge", but then you've got a jail and your strikes started. For what is generally just a stupid juvenile mistake.

Prosecutorial discretion is not often used in a very discretionary manner.

Comment: Re:One word: Cloud (Score 1) 244

I don't think anyone was trying to get him out of punishment. I think the chorus here is calling to not treat him as an adult, as our system is wont to do. The "years in prison" line in the news blurb is what set all this off, and that is completely inappropriate given his age and his crime. It shouldn't even be an option to an overzealous prosecutor.

Comment: Re:One word: Cloud (Score 1) 244

Even if you didn't get through to him specifically, there are quite possibly other people more on the fence that don't use stupid acronyms like "SJW" as if it's somehow a pejorative, and they may be influenced by your comments to look deeper into it. We don't need everyone to admit that we've got a problem to start solving it, just enough people to achieve critical mass.

Comment: Re:Copper and alcohol (Score 1) 124

by PitaBred (#49387845) Attached to: Thousand-Year-Old Eye Salve Kills MRSA

So you prefer PVC for your water pipes? That tends to grow nasty stuff in it, and not be great at dealing with temperature shifts. Or cast iron, which rusts? Steel?

Copper is used in MANY systems, and almost universally in plumbing, the world over. US, UK, Mexico and Canada all use it as their primary potable water piping solution, and even the EU uses it commonly: water pipe european union&f=false

Comment: Re:Easy as 1-2-3 (Score 1) 269

by PitaBred (#49336417) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

Really? I had to get a new battery for it, but my 2010 HP Envy 15 Macbook competitor is still running fine, and has a faster GPU than they ever had. And I've even been able to upgrade the RAM and replace the hard drive in it, hauled it with me on an airplane twice a week for over a year, and generally used the hell out of it.

Comment: Re:Journalists being stonewalled by Apple? (Score 1) 269

by PitaBred (#49336201) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

Pipes have gotten bigger. It's harder to unintentionally DDoS a site any more, unless it's running out of someone's basement. And even then, I've got like 5Mbps upload on DSL... that's enough for a decent load. The market and commodity hardware wasn't that way when I first joined and sites got slashdotted semi-regularly.

Comment: Re:A truly smart person ... (Score 1) 391

by PitaBred (#47656211) Attached to: Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?

Sometimes. Confidence combined with deference and recognition of that which you don't know is a different sort of confidence than brazen overconfidence like this "Scorpion" guy. If you can admit what you don't know easily, I'm more likely to believe you when you say you actually do know something. But it takes confidence to know the difference.

Comment: Re: Cheap (Score 2) 296

by PitaBred (#42171385) Attached to: Researchers Create New Cheap, Shatterproof, Plastic Light Bulbs

He's actually correct. The problem is that we don't have meaningful competition in many sectors of our economy, we have industries tied up in regulatory capture (patents, copyrights, etc. overreaching, no-bid contracts, regulatory rules that benefit incumbents, etc.).

The other issue is that "true" capitalism requires complete, perfect information and zero transport costs for the consumer. I can choose from any supplier with no cost of switching, and I know the full differences between all of them. Given that that is impossible, it's impossible to have proper invisible hand capitalism here in the real world.

What we need to strive for is making sure the regulations are in place to protect the consumer against information "warfare" from the producers while simultaneously preventing corporations from abusing those regulations for their own benefit. Given the money that flows through government and corporations right now, I'm not holding out high hopes of that changing meaningfully any time soon...

Comment: Re:I am having a vision of the future... (Score 1) 296

by PitaBred (#42171321) Attached to: Researchers Create New Cheap, Shatterproof, Plastic Light Bulbs

Part of the problem is that CFL's do color banding, whereas incandescent is full spectrum. So even if the color profile is tuned to a reasonable value, it's still lacking output in fairly large color bands. Which, incidentally, is probably why your wife doesn't like it... women are more likely to have better color sensitivity than the average male, especially in the red/green bands

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