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Comment Re:Nuber not that impressive (Score 1) 304

If you're selling a $500,000 software product; going after pirates is not a winning business strategy -- it's figuring out, why the heck you can't pitch your product to legal buyers, and make your desired revenue there. Either the pricing is all wrong, or your marketing or product targetting is all wrong.

Who said it was the vendor going after him?

And it says in TFA that the Agilent product in question was a "product intended to speed the design process for electronic equipment". And it was $45,000, not $500,000. Still, Agilent charges $45,000 for that product because it's found people that are willing to pay it.

If you can't afford the software, or you don't think what it gives you is worth $45,000, then don't buy it. It's not for you. Don't bitch about it. Don't pirate it. Find something else in your price range.

And there's a big difference between going after pirates who post your stuff on TPB and a guy who made $30,000 (low ballpark) off your work.

Comment Re:There's plenty of food. (Score 1) 586

2. 90%+ of GMO food is either herbicide resistant or produces its own insecticide. It's focus is not producing more or better food. Yes, this could change some day, but that's how it is and has been for a long time.

Wouldn't it follow, then, that a crop that produces its own insecticide would have more left at harvest time than one that didn't?

Comment So basically... (Score 5, Insightful) 370

It sounds like Edweek is complaining that the Gates Foundation channels its money through private enterprises to achieve its goals instead of corrupt African dictatorships?

Why do people think they have a voice in how a private not-for-profit spends their money? The Gates Foundation does a lot of good. This seems like a lot of knocking down the guy on top.

Comment Already tried (Score 1) 163

Sony used to have a TV stand that had a built-in entertainment system (speakers, subwoofer, receiever, DVD player - this was before BluRay) back when I sold electronics in the mid 2000s. No one bought the thing because it was overpriced and what happens when something breaks? You have to take the whole damn thing in to get something fixed.

But, this is IKEA, so it probably comes in 1500 pieces and uses cartoon drawings of people putting it together that you'll want to slash in the throat before you get done putting it together.

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