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by Pino Grigio (#48181407) Attached to: BBC Takes a Stand For the Public's Right To Remember Redacted Links

The reader of the information is in a position to consider the totality of the circumstances and decide what's relevant and not.

What a load of cock you're writing here. Google doesn't discriminate between what is relevant and what isn't. When someone googles you, they only get notable facts not relevant or irrelevant ones. The irrelevant ones ("loves his mum, is good with children and animals, reads widely") isn't there. "used to binge drink in his 20's at the weekend" can be discovered, but "now in his 30's just has a glass of wine with dinner on Saturdays" isn't.

And how often have you known a newspaper or media company go back and revisit a story it got wrong to re-release it with all of the correct information? ALMOST NEVER unless threatened with a law suit and very few people can afford those. Controls on information are sorely needed if only for the simple reason that people change over time but the information available out there about them may not.

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The Climate Change Act covers the period up to 2050, so 30% assumes we'll need that much by then. That's 85,000 more than we've got at the moment. And they're large turbines. The turbines are usually given something like a 25% "capacity factor". But their actual efficiency is far lower than that so we'd probably need a lot more.

With respect to the amount of space you'd need, I have no idea what you're on about. The London Array, which has around 175 turbines, is spread out over an area of 90 sq km.

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Do you realise that in the UK at least, in order to full implement the unbelievably stupid "Climate Change Act" (cost £1,1000,000,000 approximately), we will have to build around 85,000 new wind turbines, covering an area the size of Scotland?

The economics of wind turbines don't make any sense.

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I see your point and I suspect the complexities of internet security, like those of bike locks for the uninitiated, are somewhat perplexing. People need to realise that putting pictures onto the internet is more like sending a postcard than a wax sealed envelope. Of course cloud and social media companies definitely don't want their customers to realise this too soon.

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That's quite a closed-minded way to go about understanding someone else's point of view isn't it. The analogy I've used before is the criminal is guilty of committing a crime, but even so probably shouldn't have left your entire life savings on the coffee table of your ground floor flat with the windows wide open, whilst you went out to the shops to buy a spicy vegetable and quinoa laksa.

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I don't think that's his point. It's more to do with the stabbing and murdering of people who criticise Islam, like Theo van Gogh. It's the fact that a female critic of Islam, Ayann Hirst Ali, was "no great loss because her opinions were polarizing" which is European liberal speak for don't criticise other Muslims. Indeed, it's a kind-of psychosis in Europe and elsewhere, such that authorities in the UK regularly and as policy let Muslim men molest and abuse thousands of children in cities like Rotherham because they feared criticising the culture the abusers came from (almost all Muslim) more than they cared for the welfare of these British (almost exclusively white) children.

I ask you, in what respect is liberalism not disappearing up its own behind on this and many other issues? It's a disgrace.

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Regardless of what anyone else does, the gaters are assholes

Did you listen to those totally sexist women discussing the issue? No you didn't. Come back when you've educated yourself. You don't have to apologise for getting it wrong but some acknowledgement that perhaps you've misunderstood what it's all about would be the gentlemanly thing to do. Or if you're a woman, the womanly thing to do.

In case you have hearing difficulties there are written articles that are just as good available for you to read. I don't think I can possibly do any more to help your understanding of the issues than I have.

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A good amount of their audience do not want people to know who they are so they can basically be bullies on the internet.

Wrong. The reason I don't want people to know who I am is because one of my goals in life is to avoid the judgements of others. That is to judge me rather than some online persona I may choose to have. We escape here where we can be ourselves. In the real world we can't necessarily. But that does not imply we're trolls, engaging in trolling, doxxing, or any other kind of sociopathy.

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