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Comment: Re:I thought current consoles were like current PC (Score 1) 117

Optimising an engine like that is a non-trivial exercise, especially with newish hardware. So no, they're not crap developers, they're developers with time and financial constraints who can only achieve so much before release.

Comment: Re:Ex nihilo nihil fit (Score 1) 605

There's a difference between philosophical nothing and physics nothing from what I understand. Physics nothing seems to have a property, "can fluctuate in a quantum mechanical manner". But philosophical nothing has no properties. Of course one could argue philosophical nothing has the single property "has no properties", which would make it something of a paradox.

I've got a headache.

Comment: Re:They might be right. (Score 1, Interesting) 139

by Pino Grigio (#46712299) Attached to: Cuba: US Using New Weapon Against Us -- Spam

It would be similar to people from Iraqi coming over to the USA and physically forcing as many people as they could to wear headscarfs under the argument of improving our morals

I expect you're one of those people who thinks Venezuela's current government is "forging a bold new alternative to neo-liberalism", aren't you.

Comment: Re:I don't think people care (Score 1) 470

by Pino Grigio (#46671919) Attached to: It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom
Some of them are of course. I mean they're Human so subject to various biases. These biases can also be fuelled by things like the need to secure academic positions, tenure and so on, which is where they intersect with the interests of an institution in its continued funding (usually from government). Government's interests are of course subject to various other biases that we need not go into!

All in all the best you can say is that science is a messy process, yet it's hardly ever presented as such by the media.

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by Pino Grigio (#46615393) Attached to: Famous Paintings Help Study the Earth's Past Atmosphere
The reason I'm going "ape shit" is because this is one story in a continual stream of complete bollocks the press releases from which get recycled into the "media" on a regular basis, making scientists look truly stupid and helping to destroy public trust in science, the scientific method and scientists as a whole.

Comment: Re:wow (Score 0) 126

by Pino Grigio (#46615197) Attached to: Famous Paintings Help Study the Earth's Past Atmosphere

They sampled red-green ratios from various painters, compared it to historical pollution data and found a correlation.

Good God. Seriously? Really wonkey_monkey? You're willing to give these idiota the benefit of the doubt because... they found a correlation? I know what happens next: The correlation becomes a model, the model predicts utter doom for mankind, possibly, but first more money is needed to fund further research!

They should be fired for brining science into disrepute. I bet their "correlation" doesn't have any error bars because, well, they have no idea how accurate their measurement is.

Comment: Re:It's the end of the world as we know it (Score 2) 703

I thought they got it wrong by around 150%. But hey, what's 50% between scientists when you're already 100% wrong? The whole argument is utterly moronic. They don't know jack-shit about anything much. They can measure temperature reasonably well, but even there the temptation to go back and "adjust" past temperatures to make them cooler and "adjust" current temperatures to make them warmer, thus exaggerating the trend, is too much for them. The fact that we allow them to get away with this is one of the reasons public trust in science and scientists is rapidly reducing. Pretty soon these "scientists" (doing science in its broadest possible sense) will be held in as high esteem as lawyers and estate agents.

Comment: Re:It's the end of the world as we know it (Score 1) 703

and what we've observed is the warming that was predicted

Don't be silly. What's happened is scientists have absolutely no clucking clue what caused the warming, or indeed the cooling, or indeed the warming before that or the cooling before that, but nevertheless will hoover up huge grants for their research institutions by pretending they do.

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