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Journal Journal: Google vs the Data Protection Act (Part 2) 1

Wow! When they called it snail mail, they weren't joking.

Got a reply yesterday.

Essentially, the story is the information is collection and maintained by Google in the U.S. - where I basically have no data protection rights.

They did seem to suggest that I wasn't using the 'proper legal channel' which was irritating - though I would have said that when only 1 contact address is given then that is the proper legal channel - which I contact at considerable personal expense.

Anyway, I might just e-mail them (now that I have an e-mail address) and see where I get - which I suspect at this point is nowhere (not criticizing Google - if the information is in the US , then fair's fair.)

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Journal Journal: Google vs the Data Protection Act 6

This looks like a challenge:

So I'm going to write to google and see what they say.

I'll be making the application under the Irish Data Protection Acts as described here:

Just in case anyone thinks I'm doing this to annoy Google - I'm not. It's just a simple test. The result is going to be (a) Google were really nice and did exactly what I asked of them in a friendly way or (b) Google laugh me out of their office and get me to sue.

The person I have to write to is Graham Law ( who doesn't have an e-mail address, so I have to use the old snail mail.

Dear Mr Law,

I want to make a request for my personal information under the Data Protection Act can you tell me what information you require in order to complete this request and what fee you charge for this.

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