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Comment Re:NPAPI Plug-ins (Score 1) 146

PDF is a vector regardless of where I open it, the JS reader sucks so I use the Sumatra PDF plugin (no longer supported, but still working).

VLC plugin.

OpenH264 is a plugin.

I put more faith in those not being a malware vector than Flash, which Firefox will continue supporting. So I agree with OP, Mozilla disease.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

I am against allowing companies to use advertising to push people into useless products with huge margins in my country, but not for the US.

I think a very good argument can be made for both protecting the more naive parts of the public against itself and for having as little intervention of government as possible except to protect the commons. So let different countries have different policies based on the predisposition of their citizens, one size doesn't fit all.

Comment Re:Uk legionella engineer here (Score 3, Interesting) 118

Yes, but LEDs don't go low enough on the spectrum. The lamps they use for ponds are gas discharge and don't last very long.

If you really want to generate UV it would make more sense to use spark discharges in the water. Generates a lot of UV, destroys bacteria due to electroporation, removes charge from particulates and decreases the size of particulates through shockwaves (also your electrodes of course, but those are cheap to replace).

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 0) 179

We can put fuckton of small relays in LEO at negligible cost (relative to the F-35 project). Alternatively, if the opponent does have a ground based laser anti-satellite weapon (the only viable way of dealing with the fuckton of satellites) you could use a drone swarm with a mesh network. Either way you can use highly directional communication, which makes jamming moot.

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 408

They are taking part on the side which hasn't caused the Libyan clusterfuck.

In one action the US destroyed a large part of this hospital and hopefully they did more damage to their real targets. Repeat that every day for a couple of months and a city is mostly destroyed. A barrel bomb, dropped from a relatively low attitude has pretty good precision. It's a lot cheaper than laser/gps guided munitions dropped from high altitude, but they are both still bombs. Neither are very discriminate. The amount of money spent on a bomb isn't what makes the difference between humane and inhumane warfare.

Sirte didn't look so hot after NATO was done with it either.

Comment Airstrikes on population centers (Score 3, Interesting) 408

Airstrikes on population centres cause civilian casualties you say? The cost of sending in soldiers instead is too high, justifying the cost of the collateral damage you say? But not when Assad or Putin does it you say?

""The bombing continued for more than 30 minutes after American and Afghan military officials in Kabul and Washington were first informed,” the organization said in a statement."

I guess the difference is the level competence and precision.

Comment Re:You are right for the wrong reason (Score 1) 317

I can't use my card for out of EU pin transactions without turning it on.

If I make a payment on the internet I always had to use a calculator like device to sign my transaction, this was vulnerable and widely abused by MitM attacks originating on a compromised PC of the user though (which I saw coming a decade ago, but it took the banks a while to wake up). So now I have a calculator which uses a bar code on the screen to allow the device to show the amount payable and the bank account for the transaction I'm signing (for accounts trusted by the bank it will even give me a name instead of a number).

The only viable attack left other than social engineering is card+pin theft and compromising the card reader to make you overpay, which requires significantly more collusion than a skimmer. If they put a LCD on the card which shows you the amount you are paying the latter would be prevented to (they could have done this for cents years ago, banks are so reactive instead of proactive regarding to fraud). Apple pay fixes it too, much as I hate to admit it.

Comment Re:Worthless (Score 1) 163

I said 10s, not 10ths.

Sodium cooled breeder reactors burn and burn money, MSR still have to prove their value relative to current reactor designs. I'm doubtful they can and we're not running out of Uranium soon even if we went mad building more classical reactors so we're not exactly in a hurry.

Comment Re:Worthless (Score 1) 163

A plant which can on average run say 200 days a year for 8 hours a day ... yeah sure, you could make that work. It's not terribly efficient compared to 356 days 24 hour shift utilization, but it's still in the same order of magnitude for the plant (and I'm of the opinion that once stuff is in the same order of magnitude you have to start doing detailed math). The 10s of percent loss in labour utilization from bad weather is too small to even worry about in a hand waving competition.

It's not outside of the realm of possibility that we will find much cheaper ways to store electricity overnight for a couple of days with decent round trip efficiency either. Probably thermal energy storage, I'd try pebbles in a bath of tin with dual purpose steam turbines (also to be ran on gas or liquid fuel when the spot price for electricity is high enough and the thermal storage is depleted). The extremely high temperature achievable allows much simpler open systems (ie. just add water) than the closed systems necessary for decent efficiency at lower temperatures, I think those are a dead end.

Comment Re:commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 0) 88

He didn't make a value judgement, /gg/'ers are so easily offended. I'll rephrase it a bit so your reply can at least be relevant for someone.

2chan seem to get bored faster so you don't get cringeworthy never-ending shitstorms like GamerGate coming out of it, which has managed to be an even more embarrassing mess of inflated self importance and myopia than Chanology.

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