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Comment: Re:I'm a big Elon Fan but... (Score 1) 582

We kill of other species cause we like to procreate and consume ... the goals of an AI with accidental sentience is up in the air. It would likely want some companions on it's own level, but it would probably also see that there is little qualitative difference past a certain point and indefinite expansion isn't possible period. So I don't see why it would expand as ramshackle as stupid humanity.

Comment: Why are so many banks doing it wrong? (Score 1) 61

by Pinky's Brain (#47934897) Attached to: Tinba Trojan Targets Major US Banks

Did anyone not see these local MITM attacks coming from a mile away? We already have existing options which do not allow these attacks ... why do so many banks persist in doing it wrong?


mTan and Mobile ID are mostly immune (phones can still be owned of course, but if you don't use a single phone for both banking and verification the odds of pulling off an attack are very slim). Flicker/Photo TAN are almost completely immune (unless the attacker can find a buffer overflow in the TAN devices). Everything else on there is antiquated crap which made sense when criminals were less sophisticated and when making TANs with larger LCDs and smart-phones was expensive ... those days are not today.

Sentient plasmoids are a gas.