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Comment: Re:Deliberate (Score 1) 652

by Pinky's Brain (#48463123) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

That's fine and well, but if you give up the economic argument then Google's surrender becomes irrelevant.

The google guys never said PV/wind and grid storage couldn't economically make coal and gas superfluous in the near future, they didn't say Nuclear could ... or even if Nuclear could do it cheaper than PV/wind/grid-storage.

Comment: Re:Turing test is fine (Score 1) 68

by Pinky's Brain (#48441705) Attached to: Upgrading the Turing Test: Lovelace 2.0

"In short then, I think that most of those who support the argument from consciousness could be persuaded to abandon it rather than be forced into the solipsist position."

If someone creates a human level AI no one will give a rats fucking ass about Searle's semantic wanking ... like all philosophy after Hume his was just a complete waste of time.

Comment: Re:built to a price/performance spec (Score 1) 39

by Pinky's Brain (#48440295) Attached to: Some Early Nexus 6 Units Returned Over Startup Bug

I don't really like Samsung phones (I tend to go for low end phones, LG and Sony tend to have better offers) but I don't get the Knox thing. It's a security feature which requires system integrity, and after a platform has been compromised they flat out don't trust it any more ... seems sensible to me.

Comment: Re:Simple (Score 1) 222

by Pinky's Brain (#48428197) Attached to: Lessons Learned From Google's Green Energy Bust

Well _today_ the only economically proven technology we have for round the clock base load without significant emissions are pressurized water reactors and occasionally hydro.

As for predicting what can become economically competitive in the future, I think PV+HVDC+grid storage has better odds than any of the next generation reactor designs (I have no faith in concentrating solar though, just plain PV).

Comment: Re:It's Own Encrypted Secure Channel (Score 1) 150

by Pinky's Brain (#48303987) Attached to: Smartphone App To Be Used As Hotel Room Keys

You don't really want to deal with all the vagaries of bluetooth support across android phones. NFC isn't widespread and also broken by design (they should have just put Time of Flight distance measurement directly in the standard, oh no ... it adds a couple of cents to the ASICs, instead the penny pinchers launch a standard which will create security problems for as long as this abomination stays in use, thank you so very fucking much you fucking assholes).

I'd put WiFi/internet, cell, speakers and display on the top of the list.

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