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It's an act of trying to reinstate the regional power balances ... Saudi Arabia's mental image of Iran as the big bogey men (which the US loyally spread to the world) has been shattered by reality.

They thought they could fuel Sunni uprisings without it endangering themselves, they see now how fucking moronic that was now given their own cushy positions and popular image. So all hands on deck to reverse the course set with Islamic spring and bring some stability back, including the stalemate between Sunni and Shia, strengthening Iran a bit is not a problem and minimizes costs.

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by Pinky's Brain (#47799983) Attached to: Hacker Disrupts New Zealand Election Campaign

"Hacked emails appear to show Hotchin secretly paid bloggers Cameron Slater and Cathy Odgers to write attack posts undermining the Serious Fraud Office, its director Adam Feeley"

The blogger takes money to tell only one side of the story in the first place, you say the hacker has is ideologically inclined to tell only the the other ... how is this not slightly balanced at least?

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by Pinky's Brain (#47792345) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars

Can it swerve across the side walk when necessary? Can it make a blind turn past an obstacle just having faith that opposing traffic goes slow enough so they can stop in time? Can it turn on a single lane road in unison with lots of other cars when the road is blocked, judging the sides of the road accurately so it doesn't get stuck?

I can go on and on and on, just like any normal person who often drives in urban environments. Even the motorway isn't safe from the sort of shit which would make anything we could program today barf. Something simple like temporary lanes indicated by obstacles and traffic wardens can occur in so many different ways that it becomes impossible to handle. Or lets say we get directed through narrow bits of the shoulder for road works or an accident and the car decides to stop because safety margin aren't met, lets just make hundreds of people wait. Best not have a small car, or some very helpful folks might park your car in the ditch for you once they understand the cause of the hold up.

It's a pipe dream until we have human level AI.

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