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Comment: Re:And it's not even an election year (Score 2) 407

Uhuh, sure ... the really assertive and organized people will make it work.

The rest can be abused, at the very least the first year. You can not honestly tell me that whole layered client/vendor/consultant shit which grew up around H1Bs is not an evil clusterfuck.

Comment: Re:Punishing Wedding Photographers (Score 1) 886

Lets make it interesting ... how about an employer running a wedding photography business, who has an employee who suddenly finds religion but who knew at the time of his hiring what he was getting into when signing his contract.

Can that employer fire him with cause? Maybe, maybe not ... depends on how courts will interpret "but not limited to".

For civil servants though things are a lot more clear cut ... have fun with civil servants turning orthodox jew refusing to do a ton of shit and working with women and becoming even more useless than your average civil servant.

Comment: Re:How many of the exploits can be blamed on C? (Score 1) 237

I agree ... implicit typing and functional programming introduce new failure modes. In fact I would argue they're both mistakes, no one is good enough to not be frequently caught out by implicit typing and only superstar programmers can internalize the compiler enough to have an idea of execution flows with functional programming.

Presenting an implicitly typed multiparadigm language as the alternative is strawmanning though.

Comment: Re:Is he dangerous? (Score 1) 163

by Pinky's Brain (#49237637) Attached to: Man Claiming Half Ownership of Facebook Is Now a Fugitive

He was caught on the prison phone while conspiring to hide assets from seizure before his sentencing ... he kinda proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he needed the supervision, also that he is a bit of a moron.

The structuring laws are a bit insane, but this case is the exception to prove the rule where they were justified.

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