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Comment: Re:I wonder what their reasoning is...? (Score 1) 340

by Pinky's Brain (#47289545) Attached to: Russia Wants To Replace US Computer Chips With Local Processors

But the dollar is only stable because they are still increasing their reserves ...

It is the reserve currency because at one time it was as good as gold, any stability it had after that was because of inertia and because Saudi Arabia became a semi-state of the US ... the inertia is clearly running out, unless Saudi Arabia picks up more and more of the slack the US dollar will have to lose value as the US's trade balance adjusts.

Comment: Never enough five legged sheep ... (Score 1) 236

by Pinky's Brain (#47228817) Attached to: Are the Glory Days of Analog Engineering Over?

If they let the position go unfilled I guess there wasn't really enough need, ie. not enough profit in it to hire the expertise which is on the market (and there are still plenty of the old guard doing consulting, not cheap obviously) or train someone.

Quick, we need more H-1Bs to suppress wages.

Computers will not be perfected until they can compute how much more than the estimate the job will cost.