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Comment: Re:A comedy? (Score 1) 166

by Pinky's Brain (#48789033) Attached to: Nuclear Waste Accident Costs Los Alamos Contractor $57 Million

The silly thing is, this is the exact same guy now saying it was just the mistake of an individual. Multiple e-mails were sent which suggested mixing organics with the waste salts while the company asked for it to be looked at by someone who could determine it safe ... nothing got sent to the right people. There isn't even a fucking decent inventory.

Mr. Conca is full of shit.

Comment: Re:Joshua (Score -1, Troll) 463

by Pinky's Brain (#48732979) Attached to: Writer: How My Mom Got Hacked

Just sue the people running wallet/mixing/whatever servers for international money laundering and the anonymity will go away, the money flows become more traceable. They can still transfer it to temporary bank accounts and get mules to get the money out of ATMs, but it all becomes a little harder.

That said, bitcoin is more trouble than it's worth at this point ... just make trading in them illegal, problem solved.

Comment: Re:Nothing can go Wrong Here (Score 1) 441

by Pinky's Brain (#48673285) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

Nope, circular argument ... to trade it you have to own it. You can't use that line of reasoning to justify owning it in the first place.

Even considerably more detail won't save Rothbard&co's arguments either, they can try to bury Locke's Proviso beneath a mountain of detail ... but it won't fool anyone but the naive and the stupid.

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