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Comment Re:Also, who does not separate drive control? (Score 1) 189

Any diagnostic port will always have write level access to the network, since it has to be able to do things like ECU updates as well. Whether it's ODBC-II or some GOANIE (Good Old American, Not Ickey European) debug port with a different network protocol matters bugger all.

Comment Re:There's truth on both sides here (Score 1) 1033

So you form your opinion on a guess ... I guess if you have an opinion and don't want to upset it by facts that's the best road to take. On the other hand I know you're wrong.

"Total the YES and NO votes. If YES wins, the PW is confirmed. If NO wins, then No Award wins."

Comment Re:made themselves irelevent (Score 1) 1033

No ... Science fiction is also all about radically shifting social mores (sexual deviancy to some) technology replacing the need for biological imperatives (corruption of sacred family structure to some) and very frequently a ton of blasphemy etc etc etc.

Lets take good old Crypto-Fascist Heinlein. Do you think these conservative wankers would vote for say ... Job?

Comment Re: not shock (Score 1) 182

Libertarians don't recognize the concept of the commons (except geo-libertarians, but those are about as much libertarian as anarcho-capitalists are anarchists).

Only people who own land (and the airspace above it) affected by pollution have right to compensation for that pollution from a libertarian perspective. Anyone who doesn't own affected land and without a contractual right to clean air can choke to death on the pollution without it being an issue.

Comment Re:I don't understand the opposing argument. (Score 2) 258

He said "all but essential".

Old European city cores are god awful for car traffic, limiting traffic to the core to ambulances and supply trucks (usually during very early morning) is common for a lot of busier shopping streets or in some cases entire city cores. It's simply a huge economic gain for the area, better shopping, better tourism and yes ... more pleasant living for the rich folk who can afford it. Regardless of car access working class people can't live in London city center.