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Comment: Re:Fuck you. (Score 1) 618 618

I don't really object to ads on a page as long as they are not obnoxious. My definition of obnoxious includes autostarting video ads that cannot be stopped, especially if the page contains more than one such video so that you get a blast of overlapping gabble that can't even be understood. There is also a truly evil small square box that plays a list of ads one after the other - and loads them constantly at a rate that causes the page to hang and jerk. (Remember the good old days of huge GIF animations that bogged down a page? Yeah, these are worse). And finally, I truly hate the trick of letting you read halfway through the first paragraph of a page, then turning the page dark and throwing an ad up. If you must do a popup, at least have the courtesy to DO it and let the user close it without blowing his whole train of thought. And for the edification of advertisers, I usually at least glance at a passive ad. The obnoxious popup types I close instantly. So in my case at least, that technique is not effective at getting your message across. On the contrary, if I notice the product at all, I'm inclined NOT to buy it just because they deliberately annoyed me.

Comment: Similar problem here (Score 1) 100 100

I'm getting into the same boat because of progressing MS. I bought a fairly inexpensive gaming mouse by Etekcity. It's a bit bigger than average without being a hand-stretching monster, and it has a 3-position DPI selector that lets me adjust to my ability at any given moment. If I'm shakier, I can slow down the mouse response. Plus it has a pair of programmable side buttons which I have set for volume up/down. All this is not for gaming in my case, it's to help me use the mouse with a fair degree of comfort. Sometimes a product made for one purpose can do wonders for a completely different problem.

Comment: Re:Bad Sectors! (Score 2, Informative) 252 252

Yep. I had a huge box of them from the 90s and one day I decided to copy anything useful from them while I still had a computer with a floppy drive. Total waste of time - not a single one was readable. Oddly enough, more than half showed as not even being present at all. No disc in drive. That's a pretty bad failure!

Comment: Re:Click Here (Score 5, Insightful) 238 238

"What doctors don't want you to know" is true! Doctors absolutely HATE having their patients raving about some worthless (and possibly dangerous) bullshit they found on the Web! It means a lot of time has to be wasted trying to convince Mr. Jones that foofooweed extract will not cure his cancer.

Comment: Re:A fool and their money (Score 4, Interesting) 266 266

Okay, I'm a geologist. It happens that I live in an intermontane basin filled with alluvium, and I know the water table is about 30 feet down at my location. If I were so inclined, I could take a couple of wires or a willow stick, walk around a bit for show, then "find" a place. I'd tell you to dig 30 feet and you'll find water - and I'd be right. The knowledge this takes is not that hard to acquire, especially if you want to work in a specific region. I suspect many of the "professional" water dowsers are simply doing that and making a buck from credulous buyers. That said, I have seen people do some freaky things with dowsing rods. As a scientist I have to doubt any mystical source, but I admit having had a few WTF moments courtesy of one old fellow I used to know. He would find ore veins - where I knew they actually were, and he couldn't have because I hadn't shared my survey findings. But guess what? Ore veins do affect both the magnetic and gravitational fields. I don't completely discount an ability by some people to detect that - after all, some birds apparently do.

Comment: Re:2-year CFLs (Score 1) 278 278

Yep, I've yet to have one last a year. I've gone through 20 or so in the last 3 years. It doesn't seem to matter whether I buy the cheap ones or the most expensive. Within a month or two they go yellowish, then quit soon after. I've also had 3 explode, throwing glass shards all over the room. That isn't much fun. Oh, I guess there IS one that has lasted. That one never gets turned off, and while it's very yellow, it's still working. Maybe running them 24/7 is the answer, but then there isn't as much power savings. Looked at LEDs in the store, but none of them has light that's even close to satisfactory. The choice seems to be blue or yellow, and I hate both.

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