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Comment: Artistic, perhaps. But art? No. (Score 1) 16 16

by Pink_Ranger (#32928282) Attached to: Video Game Screenshots As Art
It is 98% someone else's work, 2% you posing what amounts to dolls.

In any other medium, this would not be considered art.

If anything, a really good screen cap gallery should show how important atmosphere is to a game, especially one that is supposed to have any emotional depth. It should not serve to show off the shot-taker's (I loath to use the term "photographer") artistic sensibilities.

Comment: Re:Worked with one would love to have one as sidek (Score 4, Interesting) 419 419

by Pink_Ranger (#30384824) Attached to: Company Trains the Autistic To Test Software

rely on autistics for tasks needing massive concentration and accuracy, I'll put all my trust in their hands.

The more I hear this sentiment echoed, the more I think they're the ones who came out right, and we're the ones who are broken.

Comment: Define "outsmart". (Score 1) 652 652

by Pink_Ranger (#28826513) Attached to: Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man
I think their failure to define what they mean by "outsmart" reveals how directionless the whole AI debate is. Inevitably some people are going to be talking about one particular facet of conscious thought while others will be examining another part of the elephant. However, those two people are not doubt going to fight over what they both think is the same thing, when they are in fact, talking about completely different ideas.

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