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Comment: Broken (Score 1) 323

by PineHall (#48653749) Attached to: Putting Time Out In Time Out: The Science of Discipline

Each generation, of course, has its own child-rearing prophet, complete with magical gospels, and Siegel may be just another.

People through out the ages have tried fix society and produce well behaved people. They all have failed. Some have had some good ideas, but I believe they fail to get to the root of the problem. Each and every one of us is selfish. We want things done our way to benefit us. We are able to dream of utopia, where everyone is well behaved and loved, and everyone works for the common good, but we are not able to achieve that. We are broken. No amount of proper child-rearing, programming, or law making will solve that problem. Deep down inside we are still selfish, wanting to be in control with everything benefiting us. And yet we can dream of a better society. We know that something is wrong and something is broken. Unfortunately we are unable to fix it ourselves.

I believe there is a solution. We can not fix ourselves but God can. God loves each and every one of us. He desires that we would all be fixed without turning us into little robots. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we can have new lives and live in love. Though we yet perfect, you can see many Christians around the world working to make things right. We, Christians, are in the process of being fixed ourselves. We are not there yet. I know that I am a better and more loving person today than who I was 20 years ago. I am still broken but God is at work in me making me better. That is the solution that works. That is what I have experienced.

Comment: Dysfunctional NOAA (Score 2) 76

by PineHall (#48374221) Attached to: US Weather System and Satellite Network Hacked
It seems that NOAA's administration has become dysfunctional. They should have notified Commerce Department Inspector General immediately but they did not. I wonder why they felt they had to shut down a variety of data feeds. Minimal impact they claim but there was definitely an impact. Money has been tight for them but Congress gave them $25 million for a new supercomputer. That was 18 months ago and it looks like nothing has been done on that front. They will lose the money in September 2015 if they don't do something. You can sign a petition asking the Whitehouse to get them to spend the money for that needed supercomputer.

Comment: And the U.S. falls further behind (Score 4, Interesting) 125

by PineHall (#48260305) Attached to: 16-Teraflops, £97m Cray To Replace IBM At UK Meteorological Office
The current NWS computer is only capable of 0.21 petaflops. There is an upgrade to bring it up to 0.8 petaflops, After Sandy (1.5 years ago) Congress gave money for a new computer but nothing seems to be happening with that money. Sandy's forecast was good not because of the American forecasts but because of the European forecast. I believe American forecasts were wrong in predicting Sandy's direction because America lacks of a decent supercomputer for forecasting.

Comment: FreedomBox (Score 4, Informative) 94

by PineHall (#48154279) Attached to: Eggcyte is Making a Pocket-Sized Personal Web Server (Video)
Eggcyte reminds me of the work of the FreedomBox Foundation. Both talk about being in control of your data and both are aimed at very small servers. FreedomBox appears to be more privacy oriented than Eggcyte, but both are responding to the same need of being in control of your internet life.

Comment: The U.S. President (Score 1) 201

Some of them border on the absurd, using titles that could apply to only one man. A “minimized U.S. president-elect” begins to appear in the files in early 2009, and references to the current “minimized U.S. president” appear 1,227 times in the following four years.

So the President was not the intended surveillance target but his correspondence was unintentionally caught up in their surveillance net as they target terrorists. And they save the President's correspondence. If I was the President I would be very upset.

+ - Mozilla is Working on a Firefox OS-powered Streaming Stick

Submitted by SmartAboutThings
SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes "Mozilla took the world by surprised when it announced that it was developing a Firefox operating system that would be used for mobile phones, especially in developing markets. Now, there are already a few devices out there, but it seems that this isn’t the last step for the company whose name is still associated with the famous web browsers. According to a recent report from GigaOM, Mozilla is currently working on a secretive project which has the purpose of developing a Chromecast-like media streaming stick powered by Firefox-OS."

Comment: To be even Safer ... (Score 1) 238

I propose that we put at least 2 cameras in every room. This way we can catch everyone committing a crime and reduce dramatically the risk of crime in the USA. I propose that the NSA, who has the expertise, would expand its role and electronically monitor the cameras. The computers would flag potential crimes happening for the NSA experts to look at. They would maintain the database and rules would be in place to prevent any abuse by the NSA professionals. Oversight of this NSA operation will be by a secret court that will punish those breaking the rules. All proceedings and transcripts of the court will remain secret to protect the work of the NSA and not increase the risk of crime.

Without the exaggeration of "at least 2 cameras in every room", I feel this is what is happening right now around the world. By upping the surveillance we would be safer but our quality of life would be less without any privacy, and the potential for abuse would be very great. There is no significant oversight and transparency happening at the NSA. This needs to change and people's rights (including non-Americans) need to be respected. Knowing human nature, abuse is happening and the database is being misused. The NSA needs to be reigned in and its operations limited. We may end up being at a very slight larger risk for a terrorist attack but people's lives and rights would be respected.

Comment: We Understand But ... (Score 1) 324

The majority of Americans believe that human caused global warming is happening. The majority believe we need to do something about it, but they believe that whatever actions are taken should not negatively impact their lifestyle. This means anything that would cause increased costs for them is not acceptable. This means that changing the way they go about doing things is not going to happen. That is the problem.

Comment: Unintended Consequences (Score 1) 1746

by PineHall (#46653943) Attached to: Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

I wonder what the fallout will be for Mozilla. The definition of marriage varies through out the world. How will Mozilla and Firefox be viewed in parts of the world with a different marriage definition now that Eich was forced to resign? I believe there will be unintended consequences, some negative consequences for Mozilla and Firefox in the developing world.

Comment: Define Marriage (Score 1) 1482

by PineHall (#46634057) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

How do you define marriage? That seems to be the issue. The definition in the USA is changing, but it varies through out the world. Is marriage defined as

Between one man and one woman who are both adults
Between to two consenting adults
Between one man and up to four women
Between one man and many women
Between a man and a girl entering puberty
Between a boy and a girl as dictated by the families
Or something else that is less common than the above

What determines what is acceptable? Is it trampling on one's human rights if you disagree with some of the above options? How will Mozilla and Firefox be view in parts of the world with a different marriage definition if Eich is forced to resign? There are likely unintended consequences if Eich is forced to resign. Is this the best way to advance gay rights?

Comment: Weasel Words (Score 4, Insightful) 103

by PineHall (#46536879) Attached to: NSA General Counsel Insists US Companies Assisted In Data Collection

After the hearing, De added that service providers also know and receive legal compulsions surrounding NSA’s harvesting of communications data not from companies but directly in transit across the internet under 702 authority.


De and his administration colleagues were quick to answer the board that companies were aware of the government’s collection of data under 702, which Robert Litt, general counsel for the director of national intelligence, told the board was “one of the most valuable collection tools that we have.”

But what was not said was

Neither De nor any other US official discussed data taken from the internet under different legal authorities. Different documents Snowden disclosed, published by the Washington Post, indicated that NSA takes data as it transits between Yahoo and Google data centers, an activity reportedly conducted not under Section 702 but under a seminal executive order known as 12333.

So they did not lie but they did not tell the whole truth either.

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