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Comment Don't be a dumbass (Score 0) 416 416

You can't go through life as a condescending a-hole thinking everyone is an illiterate this or an idiot that. People skills are part of solving problems for people. It sounds like you're in the wrong career. You need to be in something where you will not come into contact with other people.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 348 348

They don't any more. At most startup companies they can't afford a typical bureaucratic IT department. Many use cloud hosting to avoid up-front cap-ex in terms of data centers and the people that work in them. Developers are typically managing their own servers, their own NOSQL cluster, they bring their own iPhones, gPhones, xPads, etc. People are becoming increasingly more comfortable with technology and old-school IT departments are no longer enablers, but barriers as their mindsets and their technology pale in comparison to the consumer sector.

Comment Re:The industry has been trashed by offshoring. (Score 0) 743 743

Did you catch today's lead story on the wall street journal? Apparently countries like China and India are commiting "economic espionage" and stealing our technology and ideas! I've never laughed so hard. It isn't stealing if you had them the keys!

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