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Comment Password Gorilla (Score 1) 198

Password Gorilla is what I chose - after comparing *lots* of passwordmanagers. I wanted a filemanager that be: - free & open source - offline (--> exit Lastpass) - cross platform (I looked at Linux, OSX, Windows and Android, cause that is what my family uses) - not dependent on Mono (--> exit Keepass). Password Gorilla stores passwords in an encrypted file: the password database. Every user has his own file(s). I have a copy of my file on my smartphone, I synch the files regularly. Read all about it and get it here: I like it, it does what I want, but to be honest, the GUI looks a bit simple and the syncing of files (across in my case 2 PC's and a phone) is not automized, although I you could write a script for that. It lacks the slick interface of some other passwordmanagers.

Comment Re:KeepassX in a Dropbox folder (Score 1) 198

Keepass is opensource, if a backdoor existed, it would have been found out , reported , and closed for good. That's what open source is good at.

As a rule of thumb yes, but only if (!!) enough users / developers take the time to read the code and find anomalies.......

Comment Re:Bing needs to be BETTER than Google (Score 1) 405

Here in The Netherlands the marketshare of Bing is only a few percent. Google has 95% or more. The only ones who use Bing are people who don't even know what a browser is. They stick to the default Internet Explorer browser. Oh - and people in the corporate world, who work on locked down PC's. Most corporate IT departments shove Microsoft products thru their users throats. Bing's search results are lousy.

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