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Comment: Re:The last sentence in the summary... (Score 2) 232

by Pieroxy (#48035893) Attached to: Antarctic Ice Loss Big Enough To Cause Measurable Shift In Earth's Gravity

While I'm not denying reality - global warming is happening - I'm questioning the models proposed by the scientists. Let them come up with a model that doesn't completely fall apart 10 years later. So far, all models produced before 2000 have proven to *not* forecast the reality of things.

I'm not saying those guys are charlatans, but if they try to convince me that the sea level will rise by 2m in 100 years I'll laugh, and pretty hard at that. Nobody is actually able to predict anything beyond a couple of years, so 100 years is well beyond their best effort so far.

Granted the climate is an extraordinarily complex thing to model and so to predict. What exactly are going to be the consequences of the global warming is yet a thing to discover.

Now, this doesn't mean that we should do nothing about it and wait & see. But shouting all over that in XX years, YY will change by ZZ is in my view discrediting the cause for the simple reason that those claims have always proved to be just plain wrong. So far.

Comment: Re:30-46% less force is required to deform?! (Score 4, Informative) 304

by Pieroxy (#48009799) Attached to: Consumer Reports: New iPhones Not As Bendy As Believed

Wait, wait, wait...

iPhone 5: 130lbs. force to deform

iPhone 6+: 90 lbs. force to deform -> 30% less force
iPhone 6: 70 lbs. force to deform -> 46% less force

A reduction in resistance to deformation of nearly one third to one half over previous models and they are supposedly "not as bendy as believed"? WTF? That's a recall class problem in my book.

Is it? So if I design a phone that can withstand 1 ton, then I am not allowed to ship any phone that withstand less than that or it's a recall? Man, come on. If the thing is too weak for regular use, it's case for a recall. If not, it's not a case for a recall. Nothing to do with "is it weaker than the latest model".

Comment: Re:Alright smart guy (Score 4, Interesting) 504

by Pieroxy (#47960021) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

I have an iPhone 4S since october 2011. I installed iOS8 last week and everything is fine. No slowdowns that I noticed yet. Apparently, it takes 2 more seconds to boot, but I don't really care as I reboot it less than once a week.

Prior to that I had an iPhone 3GS, updated always to the latest versioon. I've never had to complain about Apple's software upgrades, except on one occasion (I don't remember but I think it was iOS4). This was quite horrible in terms of performance and an update came a couple of weeks later and fixed most of it. Another update came two month later and fixed the rest.

YMMV, but all in all, Apple's support for old hardware is miles and light-years ahead of everyone else. Bar none.

Comment: Re:Is this technically impossible - no. (Score 5, Insightful) 191

by Pieroxy (#47918481) Attached to: Tim Cook Says Apple Can't Read Users' Emails, That iCloud Wasn't Hacked

He makes a fair point. The data stored at Apple does not generate revenue for Apple, at the contrary of Google - where your emails are scanned for content to target ads at your eyeballs.

Now, jumping from that to "We cannot do it even if we wanted to" is quite a leap forward. I'm not sure I trust that part of the statement.

Comment: Re:First world problems. (Score 1) 610

Are you being obtuse on purpose? Probably... but I'll feed your nice troll one last time, by helping you compare a bag of crap with the latest album from U2, so that you will see that your comparison was overly excessive.

Probably more than 99% of the world population doesn't like a bag of crap. So the chance of pleasing someone by leaving one in their front porch is about less than 1%. Can you guess if the percentage of people that don't like the latest album from U2 is higher of lower than that?

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