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Comment NAFTA is a disaster (Score 4, Informative) 247

Canada has been completely screwed over by NAFTA. If we try to enact any kind of environmental protection, a US company sues Canada for millions. It creates a situation where if Canada wants to reduce the amount of water, lumber or other natural resources exported, or more tightly control the extraction of those resources, US companies can succesfully sue Canada for increased costs or lost profit.

NAFTA's Chapter 11 Makes Canada Most-Sued Country Under Free Trade Tribunals

It's great that poor countries can see increased growth from this, but the reality is large trade agreements often make a few people companies/people richer while reducing a country's sovreignty and the quality of life of the average joe.

Comment Re:Angle of competition you are all missing - Waco (Score 1) 279

That article is pretty much bullshit. It's written by somoene that worked for Apple for starters and most of the conclusions it draws are wrong. I have a Cintiq Companion so let me provide some counter points:

  • - Cintiq Companions require no chords. You have a AC adapter to charge the 4+ hour battery and that's it. For desktop displays like the 24HD, you have a power chord and a display connector. I'm not sure why 1 or 2 chords is such a nightmare to handle for the author. You can hookup the second gen companion to your desktop and use it as a drwaing tablet only, but this is a hudge benefit and something the iPad Pro also lacks.
  • - Latency is not an issue on my Cintiq Companion and is largely determined by computer hardware and software in my experience.
  • - I like the thicker design of the Wacom stylus; it doesn't feel cheap or wobbly. I also like the buttons which are extremely useful to people that work with a stylus every day. There's also an eraser on the reverse side, something Apple's design team failed to figure out. Never having to charge it is also a plus.
  • - Cintiq's are heavy but that's because they are well built laptops, not gimmicky tablets. I rountinely take my Cintiq Companion on trips. There are issues with the location of the power button on the first generation companion, but the author hasn't used a Cintiq long enough to know that.
  • - There is nothing wrong with the Cintiq Companion's display (minus the air gap, see following point). Older Cintiq displays suffered from poor colours but that is hasn't been the case for a few years now.
  • - The only issue she is correct on is the parallax air gap problems with Cintiq monitors. I do wish they would improve this.

My take away from this: Don't get rid of your Wacom just yet. iPad Pro is not a professional tool and doesn't stand up well to a similarly priced Surface Pro or the more expensive and industry leading Wacom line of products.

Comment Re:So you've seen nothing? (Score 1) 279

Latency of a stylus is determined by a lot of factors; usually the software, the size of the file being worked on and the computer hardware. The iPad Pro's demo was likely done on a light drawing application with an extremely small image. I have a Cintiq Companion and I can work on a poster size image at 300dpi without latency.

So saying Apple Pencil looks to have much better latency is really disengenous. It's like saying a Logitech mouse has much better latency than an Apple Mouse.

Comment Re:Of course it bombed (Score 3, Insightful) 205

But that's where you're wrong. Edge of Tomorrow is fantastic and if you don't like Tom Cruise you get to watch a cowardly version of him be shot, burned, sliced, crushed, ran over and die in more ways than I can remember for the first 2/3rds of the film. The problem with Edge of Tomorrow was the marketing. They never really got across what kind of movie it was or why it was worth watching. They also should have kept the original name (All You Need Is Kill). The exo skeletons may have also been a hard sell as they just appear cubersome and awkward.

Comment The PC has no trouble getting great games (Score 1) 86

The PC doesn't need AAA games, it's doing plenty fine with kickstarter and indie games completely dominating the platform. Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, RimWorld, Minecraft, Broken Age, Prison Architect, Cities: Skylines, Satellite Reign, Hyper Light Drifter, Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous... the list goes on and on.

Steam machines don't need to take over either, they're just an alternative to the ever growing platform of choice for gaming. Steam hit 9+ million concurrent users this month and there's no sign of it slowing. If I was Sony, Microsoft and especially Nintendo, I'd be really worried about this. The hardware is becoming irrelevant. What matters is the games and the platform you provide for gaming.

Comment Hopefully this will be Harper's death knell (Score 4, Interesting) 116

It's amazing how one man can so completely destroy a country, both politically and culturally in under a decade. The CRA (the Canadian version of the IRS) is currently doing audits of non-profit organizations and revoking the non-profit status of organizations that have political ideologies that go against the Conservative agenda.

Dying with Dignity loses charitable status after political activity probe
7 Environmental Charities Face Canada Revenue Agency Audits

I can't wait for the next election and I sincerely hope the PC's are so savagaley beaten at the polls that they'll be laughed out of town on the oil wagon they rolled in on.

Comment Game reviews have always been broken (Score 4, Interesting) 135

Almost no games get below 40, while any game that doesn't get 80 or more is considerd a failure. Then you have people giving games 3 out of 5 stars which translates to a score of 60, which skews things even more. Plus tent pole games like CoD can be executed extremely well but offer nothing new so how do you review that? There are games with low interaction (point and click) or high interaction (RTS). How do you compare one against the other? Good reviews are also often given despite massive bugs, incomplete games being released or week 1 launch disasters (like Diablo III).

It's issues like that which make me understand the no score review trend.

Comment Re:As long as he isn't the focus of the MCU (Score 1) 98

It's a great concept, one I would gladly pay the ~$10/month for but they have bandwidth issues. I gave it a shot during their Christmas $0.98 promo and pages either took forever to load or didn't load at all regardless of the quality of my connection (wired desktop, phone, etc).

Comment Re:What Will They Do... (Score 1) 327

Some of those issues could be solved by moving Chinese workers to Africa (which I have no doubt is already happening). Hell, with China's tendency to build ghost towns, I'm sure they're already building factory cities in Africa in an attempt to attract immigrants and locals looking for a better standard of living.

Comment Re:Fuck what Harrison Ford says (Score 1) 299

I don't know about that. Reading the Reddit AMA with Harrison Ford, it seems he enjoys making films that entertain people.

He also isn't terribly sentimental or nostalgic. He doesn't own many props from the films he's been in and the berevitiy of some of his scenes ("I love you", "I know" and shooting the swordsman in the first Indiana Jones) seems to be directly tied to Harrison Ford cutting through the bullshit and getting to the point. I wouldn't say he's a phony, he's just not into all the fluff surrounding his characters and I think that's what actually draws people to his performance.

e.g. Our intro to him in Star Wars is a business deal, followed by shooting an alien that talks too much. That's Harrison Ford. That's what he does, that's why people like him and that's why Han Solo saying "May the force be with you" is such a big deal; Han Solo (and Harrison Ford) do not care about the mythos and the jargon while everyone else is falling head over heels for it.

In that regard, he's probably one of the most authentic actors in Holly Wood.

Comment Re:Lightsaber crossguard wtf (Score 4, Insightful) 390

The stupid part is it's not even an effective crossguard. There's a metal section close to the hilt so you can easily cut the crossguard off. Congrats on making a (most likely) primary antagonist look like an idiot. Unless they intented Luke Skywalker to show a juvenille Sith how moronic his added bling is in an actual fight...

Comment Re:Evil Harper Government (Score 2, Informative) 70

By not having Harper involved. This doesn't conflict with the oil sands so the Evil Harper Government doesn't care. Of course you could say someone's head should be rolling for allowing a government funded vaccine to be sold off to a US corp for a pittance (which is what the article is about).

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