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Comment: Re:Pros vs Cons (Score 1) 549

by Phydaux (#45593695) Attached to: RF Safe-Stop Shuts Down Car Engines With Radio Pulse

British police will call off a pursuit if is it deemed to be too dangerous. And I don't think that it has increased the number of people attempting to escape. However, I don't know either way.
Personally I value my life, and the life of my family and friends, over ensuring that every person who runs from police is caught.

Comment: Re:Too meticulous? (Score 1) 487

by Phydaux (#43923769) Attached to: BBC Clock Inaccurate - 100 Days To Fix?

What if someone's clock is 5 hours out? Either because they set it that way, or they've travelled through time-zones without updating their clock, or their clock is borken and is reporting the wrong times.
What if they're not adjusted for summer/winter time? What if they are? What if the time is right, but the date is wrong?

This is not a simple problem and there is no simple fix.

Comment: Re:I think it's disrespectful (Score 1) 196

by Phydaux (#43233269) Attached to: Jedi May Be Allowed To Perform Marriage Ceremonies In Scotland

Disrespectful to both recognize and to perpetrate a supposed Jedi religion.

So what? Why should religious beliefs be respected?

Not that the logic of the belief system is any less valid but rather the fact that it started by definition it was made up.

All religions are made up.

I am agnostic.

Are you agnostic about Santa?

Atheism is a belief if not a religion in it's own way.

Atheism is a religion like turning the TV off is a channel.

Who really believes these people really host these beliefs rather than being tongue and cheek believers?

I would argue that many of the people who get married in religious ceremonies are not of 100% faith. I know a couple of atheists who married Christians in Christian ceremonies, is that "disrespectful"? What is the difference between using one made up fantasy over another?

Comment: Like a Subject Access Request? (Score 3, Interesting) 128

by Phydaux (#42054009) Attached to: Why Big Data Could Sink Europe's 'Right To Be Forgotten'

In the UK (I don't know about the rest of the EU) an individual can send a subject access request to a company or organisation and that organisation has 40 days to send you all the information they have on you. Companies have been doing this for years now. It doesn't seem so hard to change the query from a SELECT to a DELETE.

Now the paper in the article talks about how publicly available information may be copied (via the web) without the original author/organisation knowing, e.g. you could copy this post and store/publish it else where and neither slashdot or I would know, so you can't guarantee that the data will be completely deleted. But personally I don't think this is that big of a deal. If I want company Foo to remove all the information they have on me, for whatever reason, what do I care that company Bar also has information on me?

I think, to a point, an individual should be responsible for tracking all the information that they want removed, and companies/organisations should be responsible for acting on legitimate requests to remove the information.

Comment: Re:They haven't gotten away with it (Score 1) 290

In the UK it is the retailer, not the manufacturer, that has to cover the cost of replacement or repair of products that are sub-standard. I imagine the consumer laws are similar in the rest of Europe. My friend returned 5 PSPs to the shop he bought it from before he got one without a dead-pixel, and they didn't argue with him on any of the occasions.

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