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Comment: Re:we could take back control... (Score 2) 292

by Phu5ion (#36800140) Attached to: Court Approves TSA Body Scans, But Calls For Public Comment

Really, so you haven't investigated how other countries deal with airport security? Israeli airports provide real security without all this nonsense of fondling little kids and grandmothers.

If we pulled our heads out of our collective asses and looked around we may find that other nations have already solved problems we are currently facing. But I guess that's asking too much of my country.

Comment: Make it happen (Score 1) 520

by Phu5ion (#33349612) Attached to: Steam Not Coming To Linux
Come on Valve, get off your butts and make it happen. If you build, they will come. There are a lot of PC gamers out there that are sick and tired of Windows being so incredible insecure and robbing them of performance, they will jump ship when there is a true triple A developer making games available for Linux.

+ - Birdman boots alternate recovery on DroidX!->

Submitted by rainabba
rainabba (1876222) writes "Aside from rooting the DroidX (which was also done by Birdman), getting a custom recovery running is the next most important step in being able to flash custom roms. As of 6am GMT-7, Birdman and accomplished exactly that. It will take another day or 2 to polish the recovery and process to a point where it's viable for the average Android "hacker", but this should lead to Froyo on the DroidX, and who knows what else. It also PROVES that eFuse means little to us and Motorola has failed to prevent the "tampering" of their devices just as every other manufacturer has.

More info at:

For updates, follow


Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:It can be done (Score 1) 389

by Phu5ion (#29233047) Attached to: Why Is It So Difficult To Allow Cross-Platform Play?

I completely agree with what you have said except; that EA isn't big enough to force cross-platform compatibility if they were so inclined? Also, I think we are going to be seeing more games in the future which are going to be PC/PS3 cross-platform. Namely, The Agency. I think it hasn't really been done with a game like Madden because of the fanboy holy war that would erupt, when those servers go live.

Comment: Re:Sadly, I don't agree. (Score 1) 691

by Phu5ion (#28534763) Attached to: The Hidden Cost of Using Microsoft Software

Parent poster is full of crap.

Make no mistake: if Linux were as widely used as Windows, there would be bugs galore to be a-cleaning in Linux land.

This is the same as stating: "If linux had the number of users that microsoft windows had, it would be victim to the same number of viruses, malware, and general script kiddies" which is complete bullshit.

100% agree. The more people you have using the apps and eyes you have looking over the source means those obscure, deep defects become much more shallow and easier to fix. A situation MS can only dream of.

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