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Comment Re:One down. (Score 1) 149

his successful campaign is a head-scratcher.

This has happened twice in Australias recent political history with Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer.
It is a direct sign of frustration with mainstream politics.
Most sane Americans know most of their politicians are bought by big business or controlled by a shadow government. Voting for buffoons is like a cry for help. Things aren't bad enough for an outright revolution, so the alternative is to 'stick it to the man' by supporting Trump.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 511

The elephant in the room is the incredibly stupid capitalism idea of relying on never ending growth in a limited environment.

Our planet is giving us lots of warning signs.

If we continue to abuse the environment, and use up precious resources by burning them, dumping rubbish in them and polluting them,
there is little hope that nature will not dispassionately reduce our population in some way or other.

If people like Slashdot posters, whom one would assume were of reasonable intelligence, can for example put up arguments, such as "the scientists are corrupted in climate science" , then without awareness of the apparent irony, promote Nuclear because "the scientists say the new reactors are safe" it's cognitive dissonance of the most extreme kind. I've been here long enough (16years) to remember the same denial crew saying solar/battery would never work. :)

  The problem is worse in the US, UK and Australia as the denialist propaganda technique is enthusiastically promoted by the Murdoch press, and extensively funded by the Oil companies who have so much to lose. It's also caught on with those who tend to believe conspiracy theories, bringing with it the usual nutbagery.

Consequently, the funding of the development of renewables in those countries is less, let's face it, on the most basic level, renewable energy totally makes sense as an investment in the future of our species.

Several states and countries have already achieved days of total renewable energy use, the Aust state of South Australia has actually generated enough to export power to the grid. With the economies of scale now feeding the rapidly growing home battery market, and home solar we are on the brink of a genuine energy revolution. It's important that we help the poorer countries use renewables rather than fossil fuels at our western rate of use, defeating the reductions we are making.

You know it makes sense.

Falconhell, posting anon due to mods.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 70

3D printed objects aren't the strongest due to the way the layers are laminated together. I imagine the last place you'd want a weak join is on a 150+ foot long blade swishing through the air.

You betcha.

Especially since a spinning blade gets more efficient as it gets faster. Higher speed = lower torque for a given horsepower density, so a higher tip speed ratio (TSR) wastes less energy "twisting" the air downwind.

Efficient wind turbines run at a TSR of 6 or higher - which means that in windy conditions the tips are running at an appreciable fraction of the speed of sound.

If one of those puppies breaks off it's NOT the kind of baseball bat or boomerang you want coming toward you, whether flying or summersaulting along the ground. (Imagine a caber toss with giants and redwood logs.) Not to mention what the resulting unbalanced spinning does to the other blades and the pylon.

Comment Re:So the few (trolls) get to hurt the many? (Score 1) 197

How about you ask your daughter whether she'd rather be free to express herself, or have the certainty that if she receives an inappropriate twit, that the throw-away account used to make it will be banned (and might get her own main account banned if she writes a twit that offends someone).

Comment Re: The science is not settled (Score 0) 511

You sound like a nutter.
Evolution is not testable in the true scientific sense. Evolution has not been able to explain away chirality or irreducible complexity. Evolution claims to increase information due to random mutations due to natural selection. It is disingenuous to believe that the ratio of beneficial mutation to non beneficial mutation has produced the exquisite complexity and order we see today.

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