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Submission + - Will Windows RT Be the Future? ( 1

Phopojijo writes: "Microsoft might be on their way to removing legacy support from future versions of Windows. With the recent announcement from Bill Gates that Microsoft intends to evolve Windows Phone and Windows 8 into a single platform, there could be a time where the Windows Store becomes our only way to install applications on our PCs. Would this mean a government could request for Microsoft to block and remove encryption applications or games which discuss same-sex relationships from your PC? At some point will we be reliant on open-source operating systems to preserve personal computing?"

Submission + - OpenCL has a competitor: Microsoft C++ AMP (

Phopojijo writes: "Microsoft was at AMD's Fusion Developer Summit with a keynote this morning outlining Microsoft's part in the unified computing initiative. Currently your options for easily utilizing all your computing power are limited to Apple-founded OpenCL maintained by the Khronos Group. Microsoft's alternative is called C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (or C++ AMP). Microsoft was clear to announce that C++ AMP would be an open specification. Any interested compiler developer would be allowed to support this specification."

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