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Comment Re:Speed limiters already on HGVs / trucks? (Score 1) 859

Back around 00' 01' I drove truck for Schneider National. (Ugly Orange 18 Wheelers) The trucks computer had a regulator that kicked in at 63 MPH.
The Qualcomm logged and reported my "Overspeed" as well as my idle time, Which resulted in me losing a .02 a mile bonus. (Personally, I'd rather be warm during winter, or able to sleep when its 80degrees outside and 110 in the truck and just idled the truck.)

I have tons of horror stories of impeding traffic in states with 60+ MPH speed limit, or how stupid people are to jump in front of a 80k lb truck with a second delay on the air breaks, that takes two football fields to stop from 55mph, and then slam their breaks.

Toy's like this limiter already exist, and have for some time. Fact of the matter is they look good on paper but never work in the real world.


Phorm "Edited and Approved" UK Government Advice 126

Barence was one of several readers to send in word that the UK Home Office checked whether its interpretation of the law suited Phorm, before issuing advice on the legality of the controversial advertising service. The Home Office and Phorm entered a dialogue about the company's services back in August 2007, at Phorm's request. In an email sent to Phorm in January 2008, a Home Office official writes: 'I should be grateful if you would review the attached document, and let me know what you think.' After Phorm made deletions and amendments to the document, the Home Office sent another email to the company stating: 'If we agree this, and this becomes our position do you think your clients and their prospective partners will be comforted.' From the BBC: "Baroness Sue Miller, Liberal Democrat spokeswoman on Home Affairs, told BBC News: 'My jaw dropped when I saw the Freedom of Information exchanges. ... Anything the Home Office now says about Phorm is completely tainted.'"

Comment Re:Evidence please? (Score 1) 458

It costs the initial amount to produce the content and thats it, there is no phyical product any more, nobody is making anything and as has been already said "digital music costs NOTHING to copy and distribute" And all TPB and other places like it really are is distribution.

I think it's fair to say about 80% of music I have downloaded I either currently own, or owned until the destruction of said CD/Cassette/album. And the other 20% are pretty much stuff you can not buy. Song's that have been altered, done, or parodied for misc radio stations.

Personally myself I refuse to buy any CD until I've heard the whole thing anymore. I'm sick of shelling out money for whole album that maybe has one good song and 12 tracks of utter crap. I believe Powerman 5000 - Transform was the last album that officially made up my mind to change to this practice. It was brand new, I loved most of their other stuff, and got burned yet again.

But here is your problem, Advertising, Indie or major label distro costs nothing but I or anyone else cant search for a band we don't know even exists. If I have never heard of "MDFMK", I can't run a search for them, nor do I have any reason to. But I do know my KMFDM cd was broke by the power seats of my land rover last week and I never copied it to my computer, so I will know to search for it.

On the flipside places like Radio, Pandora and Last.FM are typically what gives me knowledge of a band or song which provides me with a drive to search. Ideally I could hear the song on the radio and download / buy without ever having to search, just click a button on the player.

I know I have very very little indie stuff, and for a good reason, like indie films most of it sucks, with the exception of those rare nuggets. An indie bad may do rock/metal style music about cars, computers, or just tell really good stories. I have a collection of car songs crossing all genre's and will buy anything with a car song on it. But without knowing, there no idea, thought, or drive to seek out the latest "We Wear Purple Hats On Tuesday's" CD with that really badass song about Route 66, why should I care? Much less be motivated to buy or even just download. WWPHOT is just band number 384,782,234,634,022 whose name I've never heard of, and whose music I've never heard.

Comment Re:I may not be reading this right, but... (Score 1) 479

I have "Turbo" I pay for 15/down 1/up with "burst speeds of 22"....And have been fighting with these people for 6 months because if I'm lucky I might hit 1 down. I have packet loss, its on their end. And every time I get the run around.

They bought out the old cable company, and there is no other choice in the area.

If you have to deal with these bastards, good luck!

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