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Comment: Re:Offense: (Score 1) 324

by fyngyrz (#48672851) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

Needless to say, by disagreeing, I mark myself as an un-person.

Needless, pointless, and untrue. Someone else may so choose to regard you; you, however, are not that at all, and anyone who takes the attitude that you are, as you put it, an "unperson", is solely responsible for that attitude. You're still you, just as worthy as ever.

Consider the source, soldier on. Defy invalid social norms.

Comment: Slow down, cowboy. (Score 2) 37

by westlake (#48672837) Attached to: 300 Million Year Old Fossil Fish Likely Had Color Vision

OK, early fish could see in colors. And clearly modern birds (and their dino ancestors) can see in color

The mineralized rods and cones in this fossil fish are the first to be found in any vertebrate fossil. The argument for color vision in dinosaurs is more or less based on the theory that if a sexually attractive feather-like structure was colored, a dino must have seen it in color.

Comment: Re:Offense: (Score 1) 324

by fyngyrz (#48672835) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

Some things are just not done, and are socially unacceptable this is one of them.

Socially unacceptable is one thing. And the appropriate response from you when faced with something you identify as such is also social: adjust your respect, relationship(s) and commentary according to the social cues you are given.

Relying on coercion and/or violence exerted by your government so you can assure that the general social environment is only populated by speech you approve of is something else entirely. It reeks of abject failure on your part, and on the part of your legislators. Such government-based active repression is one of the very few things that is more despicable than intentionally offensive speech presented without even a suggestion of humor.

Open Source

Linux 3.19 Kernel To Start 2015 With Many New Features 39

Posted by timothy
from the presents-from-linus-and-friends dept.
An anonymous reader writes Linux 3.18 was recently released, thus making Linux 3.19 the version under development as the year comes to a close. Linux 3.19 as the first big kernel update of 2015 is bringing in the new year with many new features: among them are AMDKFD HSA kernel driver, Intel "Skylake" graphics support, Radeon and NVIDIA driver improvements, RAID5/6 improvements for Btrfs, LZ4 compression for SquashFS, better multi-touch support, new input drivers, x86 laptop improvements, etc.

Comment: Pot, Kettle, irony (Score 1) 324

by fyngyrz (#48672799) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

> But as an athiest, my very existence is 'offensive' to muslims.

I'm an atheist as well. And I am aware that some Muslims proactively take offense because of my lack of belief.

However, you should be aware that of the five pillars of Islam, none say or imply one word about "hating atheists." That's just crap out of the Koran, which is a mish-mosh of uncorrelated and unordered quotes. Only fanatics take the violent sections of the Koran seriously. Not that there aren't enough fanatics to go around, of course.

> Are you suggesting that I should commit suicide to appease the Muslims?

Not in the least. I wasn't suggesting anyone should commit suicide, or in any way alter who or what they are. These are not things that give offense. You have not chosen to be atheist in order to give offense, have you? I presume you're atheist because you find that to be a comfortable state of mind, one that correlates well with what you observe of the world around you. Nothing to do with giving offense at all. I'm not wrong, am I? If I am, please let me know... that's a whole 'nuther bag of wolverines.

Simply being (existing as) atheist is not giving offense. That is the same as the case where someone is simply "being atheist" or "being Christian" or "being Muslim" or "being a rock collector."

When such provokes an "offended" response, we are merely seeing examples of the common practice by muddy thinkers of taking offense for any, or no, sane reason...

> Go Fuck Yourself ...Just as you have here. Brilliant to have so cleverly put yourself in exactly the same unreasonable club with those nasty, hateful, offended Islamists, isn't it? :)

Comment: Re:TFA is a big bullshit ! (Score 2) 30

by LynnwoodRooster (#48672741) Attached to: Inside China's 'Christmas Factory' Town, Yiwu
Note that $500 is about 300 pounds - right in line with the story. And smaller cities in Zhejiang typically are 20-30% less than the Shanghai area. I know in Suzhou my factories tend to pay around 2500 RMB for a 1-2 year experienced worker, with performance bonuses adding up to 1000 RMB on top of that.

Comment: Re:TFA is a big bullshit ! (Score 3, Informative) 30

by LynnwoodRooster (#48672733) Attached to: Inside China's 'Christmas Factory' Town, Yiwu

I am from China, although I am an American now, I do run businesses and some of them are in China

When I read the " ... for a maximum of £200 to £300 a month" I know that TFA is a big bullshit !

Really? I think you don't know China, nor do you do any business there. Zhejiang has the highest minimum wage, and it peaks in Ningbo at 1550 RMB per month (this information is out of date a bit, but pretty close to current conditions). That's 160 pounds sterling. Given that only inexperienced/brand new workers will earn minimum wage, the range of 200 to 300 pounds sterling is completely understandable and expected (that's about 2000 to 3000 RMB per month).

Additionally, new sales staff/office trainees in places like Shanghai run about 3500 RMB per month (low-level white collar) and a fresh acoustical engineering grad from the University of Nanjing (top Chinese school) in the top 10% of his class earns 4500 RMB (about 450 pounds sterling) per month. A very experienced (8 year) office manager with excellent English skills and 5 years experience working for Western companies earns 8000 RMB per month. How do I know? I just returned 4 days ago from Shanghai, where I signed contracts for all those positions.

Factory workers in China in the East rarely start at more than minimum wage. 1500 to 2000 RMB is a very good starting wage, and line bosses/leads may earn double that amount. Well below your 5000 RMB per month minimum salary.

Comment: Privacy indépendant from beacons (Score 3, Informative) 46

by SuperKendall (#48672521) Attached to: How Target's Mobile App Uses Location Tech To Track You

What matters is not if an app can tell where you are in the store, but if and when the app shares that information with a server. I don't care what information an application collects, if the data stays in-app.

Of course the great likelihood is that an app that collects that information will probably send that to a server, at the very least to query for specifics around you... but a smart app developer could provide a privacy option for users while still gaining benefit from iBeacons and the like.

Comment: Re:Many DDR3 modules? (Score 1) 128

by MightyYar (#48672509) Attached to: Many DDR3 Modules Vulnerable To Bit Rot By a Simple Program

Perhaps you can measure things on a scope, but that doesn't mean the difference is perceptible. It's not my money, so I don't really care what audiophiles do with it - but they also seem to expect me to be impressed, which I am not. I politely nod but honestly think they are just burning their money. I can't take someone seriously who thinks that oxygen makes a perceptible difference in audio, and then think nothing of using stranded wire vs. solid. Even with an oscilloscope, the stranded vs. solid will be a much bigger difference than the 97% vs 99.99% copper. And by "much bigger", I mean "still not perceptible".

I know a guy who does installs. He tells many stories, but I like this one: He ran out of super-expensive speaker wire specified by one customer. He temporarily finished the job with landscaping wire, of all things. It was the proper gauge and everything, but cheap stuff that he uses for outdoor installs (which unbelievable people insist on having fancy cable for! Shut those birds up, would you?). He came back later (when the specified wire came in) and told the customer what he needed to do. They guy, completely oblivious to the "problem", was horrified. Just horrified! He had been quite happy with the new system, but now noted that certain things do indeed sound wrong... the brain is an amazing machine.

Comment: Re:Motive (Score 1) 257

by Dutch Gun (#48671611) Attached to: Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

And frankly, we're all human beings, lines on a map are just drawn to divide up stuff, shouldn't we all care that millions have starved to death there?

A lot of us do, but when both NK and China have nukes, it's a tricky proposition to effect change. Would China happily leave NK out to dry, or would they send their tanks in? If their backs were up against a wall, would NK retaliate by sending over a nuke in a shipping container to one of our port cities? Also, with a recent look at our history, freeing up the Iraqi people hasn't gone all that swimmingly, what with the Islamic State forming their own little territory and chopping off every westerner's head they can.

It's great to say "we need to help them", but what you're saying is "we're going to send a lot of young American men and women into harms way, and many of them will end up dead or maimed. It's something that needs to be weighed very, very carefully. Despite our military and economic power, we can't simply march in and right all the wrongs in the world. I wish we could... I really do. But the world isn't that straightforward.

Comment: Re:Occam's Razor - PR stunt (Score 1) 257

by arth1 (#48671487) Attached to: Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

FWIW, I believe that North Korea made some threats about sabotaging South Korea's Nuclear piles. That, to me, is a more credible reason for taking down their internet...

How can North Korea threaten to sabotage something that South Korea doesn't admit to? They're not a member of the Nuclear Club, last I checked.
If South Korea has a secret nuclear weapons program, that's something the world needs to know about and take actions against, just like with North Korea.

+ - 300 Million Year Old Fossil Fish Likely Had Color Vision ->

Submitted by westlake
westlake (615356) writes "Nature is reporting the discovery of mineralized rods and cones in a 300 million year old fossil fish found in Kansas. The soft tissues of the eye and brain decay rapidly after death, within 64 days and 11 days, respectively, and are almost never preserved in the fossil record — making this is the first discovery of fossil rods and cones in general and the first evidence for color vision in a fossilized vertebrate eye."
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