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Comment: That is a bad way to live a life (Score 1) 140

by SuperKendall (#49549535) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

Sorry to call you out on this, but your attitude will destroy you in the end and I cannot help but warn you. Living a life with hate as a focus consumes you. Other people can sense it and will push away from you.

I'm not interested in Android Wear, but I wish it (and it's users) no ill. Same for Android. It's not for me but I am happy to admit, it is for someone.

It's why I ordered a Pebble Time too, because I like competition and different ideas and think the world is better for it. If you hate someone so much you wish their demise, all of that ill will just reflects back on your own character.

Comment: Re:Limited gaming possible on a smart watch. (Score 1) 140

by SuperKendall (#49549493) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

$350 for a Tamagotchi game. $650 for an iPhone to play mobile games.

Look , I SAID I didn't think games were very useful on the watch. At best they are a tiny side use, and there has been only one game I've read about that makes sense (where you direct a time-critical spy mission).

But the $650 for a mobile game platform? THAT makes a ton of sense. You simply have no idea of the vast range of games for mobile devices now. It's easily 10x more valuable than a gameboy for mobile use, because it's so much more portable, and you truth is you are going to have a phone with you anyway - so it's incredible useful as a gaming device for either long or short periods of time.

It's too bad you can't see this yourself, and can only live with a 100" plasma display. I enjoy that too but also mobile device gaming, which simply put means I am having a LOT more fun than you are since you are so limited in where and how you can experience enjoyment... my condolences..

Comment: One filter = no tier (Score 1) 140

by SuperKendall (#49549443) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

Sort of, but better tiering of notifications really should just be part of the phone OS.

it is. Inherently though you can only get a simple sense of a notification happening in your pocket. Allowing more trusted notifications only on the watch means some that you may way to look at later but don't care about now, can be ignored. With just the phone they otherwise all get mixed up (unless you have sound on all the time which I find too annoying to those around me to do).

Meh, when my phone rings in my pocket and I know I don't want to answer it without even looking

How do you KNOW that? There are plenty of times when I may want to take a call if it's important.

I can easily click the side button to ignore it, through my pocket

I do that too but it's not AS EASY. Again it's the layering you are missing here.

Android is a single platform but not a single manufacturer ...That relies heavily on services from a single manufacturer, and it fairly useless without. Android Wear is every bit as pigeon-holed, in fact moreso since there are already far more Apple Watch apps to gain non-Apple functionality.

Comment: Re:This is called "rubber hose cryptoanalysis" (Score 1) 105

Also, stop the nonsense about duress-passwords. They do not work.

There is a reason why they call the drug courier a mule and it isn't because he is the brains of the outfit.

The right question to ask --- the first question to ask ---- is not where and how to hide the insanely dangerous files you are carrying about on your person but why you are doing anything so stupid in the first place?

Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 96

by tmosley (#49548943) Attached to: How Uber Surge Pricing Really Works
Yes, all of those things should be legal. Prostitution because the alternative is "white" slavery, drugs because the alternative is massive nation destroying violence and people who harmed no-one spending their lives in jail (ie more slavery), and child pornography because the alternative is increased rates of child rape, as has been shown in Japan and even in the West where such pornography was perfectly legal until the 70's, and was produced professionally under strict supervision for the benefit of the actors, who had a good time and were paid exorbitant sums.

Comment: Poker Night with Pinocchio. (Score 1) 105

You cannot demand keys for something you don't know of.

The cop or the border guard spends his entire working life learning how to read faces, body language, as if his life depended on it, which, of course, it often does.

It is not the machine that betrays you. It's you.

Comment: Re:Much Ado About Nothing (Score 1) 195

by tmosley (#49548925) Attached to: Concerns of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer
Then you should worry. They are primate level on some if not many tasks already. Thing is, they don't have to be the SIZE of a human brain to match humans, as most of our brains are used for serendipitous crap like breathing and sexual arousal levels. An insect brain is plenty to process images at primate level, if devoted entirely to that task.

Comment: Re:But ... (Score 1) 75

I've used GPS - my smartphone has it.

You mean you've used it like once or you've actually spent time with it? I'm just asking because you're unaware of the device being hands/eyes-free and oblivious to people using suction mounts.

Your attempts to try to look superior (while also moving the goal posts) because you made a mistake "don't impress me much."

... moving goal posts? Do you really really think I was trying to claim that people listen to GPS directions like they'd listen to a radio in the car? I wouldn't mind, but even after the first correction you even tried to go down the path of saying: "See, that's a distraction!" In all seriousness you'd have to ignore several posts I've made about how GPS's work and how people use them to actually believe that. Moving goal posts, indeed.

Oh, and speaking of trying to look smarter after a mistake, you've driven us away a few blocks from the topic. Ready to head back, yet? I still haven't heard the details about how you've removed a radio from your car or how you insist that passengers in your car keep their mouths shut, because, you know, you're so worried about distracted driving on the same level as the accidents GPSs cause.

Comment: Re:This never works (Score 1) 194

by Dutch Gun (#49548313) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

I can certainly tell the difference between 1080 and 720 on my 60" TV when watching from about 10 feet away or so, although it's certainly not a dramatic difference. According to charts I've seen, I'd need an 80" TV to even begin seeing any benefit to 4K, and it tops off at 160". For most people, at least for TVs, 4K just doesn't make any sense.

Here's a handy chart to see the optimal resolutions given a particular TV size and viewing distance.

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