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Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 412

You know, you can't just handwave evidence away with "It's a complex system."

If increased CO2 levels are increasing the absorption of solar energy, which you don't seem to deny, then pray tell where the fuck is that energy going, if not into the lower atmosphere and the oceans? Come on, Mr. Smarty Guy, fucking explain how "complex systems" make energy magically fucking disappear. Go on, get to it. Show how "complex systems" somehow allow violations of thermodynamics.

Comment Re:Key Lock (Score 1) 166

My Kia won't let me take the key out of the ignition unless the shifter is in park. You're saying my econobox has more safety features than a luxury Jeep?

Modern cars beyond old-design entry level models tend to not have ignition keys you have to physically insert. Keeping it in the pocket is good enough.

However, they normally won't let you turn the engine off unless you're in park, the exception being tow/car wash mode, where you have to jump through an extra hoop to say that yes, you want to leave it in neutral.

Comment Re:I don't even know what "hyperloop" is any more. (Score 1) 216

In addition to what bws111 wrote:

Re: the MIT capsule: it's nothing like the Hyperloop Alpha concept (hence my post). SpaceX's test track that they're building is designed to handle a wide variety of vehicles, not just the one laid out in the Hyperloop Alpha concept. IMHO the MIT concept is utterly uninspiring. The drag levels are vastly higher, which are going to ruin pretty much every appealing aspect of the concept.

(but no, the tube has no electromagnets, the MIT design involves induced magnetic fields for propulsion)

Comment Re: The downside (Score 1) 57

I had Flash uninstalled from my computer for several years for safety purposes. I actually only re-installed Flash once I got the ability to control auto-play Flash content - there are still a few annoying holdouts that only have Flash solutions, like video streaming services. So, yes, you can control Flash's auto-play behavior as well, except you're essentially controlling whether you want to turn Flash on for a particular website or not.

Comment TL;DR - the Why of it (Score 1) 412

It isn't until you get to the last paragraph that TFA finally gives you the underlying cause of this astonishingly shortsighted and imminently disastrous decision:

  • “Climate science becomes secondary to business; business comes first ,” Spash said. “The interests of the corporate sector, of the mining and resource extraction industry, are primary in Australia.”

So there you have it. The ability to make money trumps EVERYTHING. Kind of answers the question of why we never see aliens. If all intelligent species tend towards a capitalist society, they all end up committing environmental suicide.

Comment Re:A Click starts a negotiation, it doesn't end on (Score 1) 528

If the content is soooo special that they feel the need to rape my computer before I see it...

That's fine, but keep in mind that this isn't a situation where the context exists whether it's paid for or not. Here's the context of the post I was responding to:

How is selling ads "abusing" them? The whole damn point of the enterprise is to make some jingle.

This person is correct. Some of the discussion on this topic has gone down the path of: "The internet existed before ads!" While true, we're also very much enjoying the content that ad-revenue is bringing us today, ignoring that fact will not lead to a proper negotiation with the content producers to show some sensibility when it comes to monetizing our eyeballs.

*sigh* I'm getting old. I just know somebody's going to respond to my post as if I'm defending malware-spewing sites when clearly I'm not.

Comment Re:How about this (Score 1) 528

Thanks for the correction, I meant to say "a year" but messed up. I think $50+ a year is way too high for most websites, especially Wired that I read infrequently...

Also think about it from the standpoint of magazines - you used to be able to subscribe to a magazine for $12 per year, which had a lot more costs (like printing) going on for a fair amount of content per month. Why should you have to pay substantially more than a magazine for the same amount of content?

I personally also doubt I'd pay $12/year for Wired at this point though, it's not the Wired of old...

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