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Comment: Bad Timing (Score 1) 46

The VR community had heavily invested in the STEM kickstarter a month or so before PrioVR's kickstarter was up. I think this was a big reason that the first one failed. The marketing of the technology also failed because they didn't show any integration into any existing games like the STEM system was doing at the time. The fact that the Razer Hydra was already in the hands of folks meant they could see other people using what is in sense a prototype for the STEM system. Also PrioVR is only relational to your own body and doesn't track where you physically are in a room which was one of the major concerns people wanted addressed.

Comment: Re:Until they hit the max number of bitcoins (Score 1) 595

by Phizital1ty (#43448561) Attached to: Is Bitcoin Mining a Real-World Environmental Problem?
> So once 21 million is more power is needed, because you can't generate more? Power will still be needed because the miners do the transaction checking. When generating blocks the miners get transaction fees added to their block for performing work on checking transactions.

Comment: This is slowly resolving itself (Score 1) 595

by Phizital1ty (#43448531) Attached to: Is Bitcoin Mining a Real-World Environmental Problem?
With the advent of specially design ASICs to perform bitcoin mining, the new miners will mine 100 fold better than conventional GPU and FPGA methods currently used. The new ASICs use a fractional amount of power compared to current mining. Once the new ASICs are on the network, they will push the GPUs and FPGA miners off the network because the proportion of mining work being done will be low enough to make it not worth mining with these devices. Multiple manufacturers such as Butterfly labs and Avalon are scheduled to ship in a couple months.

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