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Comment: Re:Do they make high-quality LTE bridges? (Score 2) 107

by Phiro69 (#48185669) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: LTE Hotspot As Sole Cellular Connection?
Digi International Inc. makes a line of routers called the Digi Transport that have 2g/3g/4g/lte options. They aren't really positioned for home users, they are a bit high end/commercial/industrial. You can find them via google or here's a link to the Digi store.

+ - Corporate Open Source Policy?

Submitted by Phiro69
Phiro69 writes: Does anyone have any best practices/experience they would like to share on how their corporate entity put Open Source Software out on the internet? Historically at my engineering firm, we've followed the model that we internally build a 1.0 release of something we want to open source, then the product owner & legal do a deep review of the release, then we push it out to a platform like github where it typically sits and rusts.
Our engineering interns have started down a new paradigm; starting out on github from the beginning (I set the repo private) and after they have a bare minimum done, flip the repo public and continue to develop it out on github, in full public view. How do PO & Legal reviews fit in? How can we ensure we're not exposing ourselves or diluting our IP if we're doing semi-constant development, publicly, sans a heavily gated review process? What does everyone else do? Or does corporate America avoid this entire opportunity/entanglement/briar patch?

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