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United States

Philip K Dickhead's Journal: "Release the Tiger!" 3

Journal by Philip K Dickhead

We already allow fingerprints for arrest, not just conviction. What's the big deal about DNA sampling? We already allow DNA sampling for arrest, not just conviction... what's the big deal about chipping?

computer station x43
"Sir we got the comrade located at 36 38 51.1 N 94 35 5.3 W No other heat signatures in the area..."
"Thanks, Sam. Bob... release the tiger!"

That's why it is for me, a watershed event.

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"Release the Tiger!"

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  • It _is_ unfair to the arrested and unconvicted to forcibly take their DNA samples.

    That is why I advocate the State taking DNA samples voluntarily at birth, and as a condition of first use of any tax-payer subsidized goods or services.

    And I am not for releasing the tiger, either, in the case of unauthorized use of taxpayer goods or services. I think deportation is sufficient, to a country of their choosing, or with a taxpayer-supplied raft in international waters.

    Same deal for not paying taxes, after

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