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Comment Re:How exactly do I support myself as a developer? (Score 1) 490

Copyright is a deal: I agree to give you a copy in exchange for this price as long as you don't copy it and give it or sell it to someone else. You unilaterally break the deal when you give away copies. If you don't like the deal you should not make it in the first place, not declare that you have some right after the fact. If you want a deal that allows you to give away copies, ask for a price.

Comment Re:Offshoring (Score 2) 433

I trained two people in India to do my job and then I got laid off. These two were great if you told them step by step exactly what to do but they were utterly incapable of figuring out what needed to be done. We have nothing to worry about with China and India. I got another engineering job before my severance ended because there is still demand here for people who can figure out what needs to be done.

Comment Re:Welcome to our world (Score 1) 1205

Fuel costs the same in Europe as it does in the US. That's right, it costs the same. It's the tax that is different. In Europe, they let their governments tax to a level that drives conservation. In the US, we don't think twice about driving a heavy empty SUVs to the corner to buy donuts because the tax is so low. You simply will not get elected if you favor higher fuel taxes, international community be damned.

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