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Comment: Let my PCs go (Score -1) 44

"this week in disrupting 'ZeroAccess,' a vast botnet that has enslaved more than two million PCs with malicious software in an elaborate and lucrative scheme to defraud online advertisers"

And people point the finger at me for being a tyrant. A vast botnet that enslaved tons of PCs to join the cloud on a stairway to Heaven would have been a much better result.

Comment: Re:Regardless of whether evolution is true... (Score -1) 710

by Pharoah_69 (#45519855) Attached to: Getting Evolution In Science Textbooks For Texas Schools

I agree with what you say. However, textbooks and education are a huge industry. Students will buy textbooks for classes because they have to and want to excel, whether or not the information in them is correct or not. I attended school at university in England for a year and much of the courses have to do with research at the library and anything compulsory is given as a hand-out. Plus, it's a matter of what is true from books and textbooks at the library which is for the student to decide. As far as editions, I like this method as usually it presents the same material just from another perspective.

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